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The Piper's Revenge by C.K. Johnson (The Pied Piper Tales, #2)

The Piper's Revenge
by C.K. Johnson

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Pied Piper Tales - Book 2
Publication Date: September 23, 2015
Publisher: Weeping Willow Press
Genre: YA Fantasy Adaptations
Print Length: 177 pages
Available from: Amazon
Kyra thought competing in the Fields would protect her from her uncle’s wrath. Now her uncle has sent out a bounty song, calling all pipers to bring him Kyra’s head. With the help of Chase - a rogue piper with the ability to see the future - and Aiden - the son of a chieftain Kyra is slated to dethrone - Kyra must find the courage to face the chieftains who murdered her mentor’s wife before they do the same to her. The second book in The Pied Piper Tales.

The Piper's Revenge by C.K. Johnson 
(The Pied Piper Tales, #2)

The Piper's Revenge (The Pied Piper Tales Book 2)Rule number one, NEVER underestimate the power of music or the determination of one teen to outwit, outlast and outplay those who wish her harm. Kyra may not be the strongest piper or have the most magic, but she is determined not to become the victim of her twisted uncle’s death plot. With a bounty on her head and only the help of the rogue piper, Chase, Kyra is going to face down the chieftains in a life or death bid for a better world and a chance to clear her name.

We are back in C.K. Johnson’s world of magical beings, melodies that can kill and Kyra, the descendant of the original Pied Piper , the girl who can sing more attitude and bravery into the world than any piper before her. C.K. Johnson has packed action and battle scenes with a twist like no other. Feel the tempo rise, the energy soar and get ready for a true battle of the bands, bands of pipers as they stand off against evil. Trust me, the tension is electric, like a singing wire and it’s all because C.K. Johnson plays her own brand of magic with her pen.

I received this copy from C.K. Johnson in exchange for my honest review.

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