Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Rise of Peter Troy Vol. 3 Mayhem by Joseph DiBartolo

The Rise of Peter Troy
Vol. 3 Mayhem
by Joseph DiBartolo

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Rise of Peter Troy - Book 3
Publication Date: September 17, 2015
Publisher: Joseph DiBartolo
Genre: Horror | Short Stories
Print Length: 38 pages
Available from: Amazon
The nightmare continues with Peter and the gang coming head on with the inescapable truth behind the outbreak. The mass production of Elixir has thrown the world into a decayed chaos. With the world in shambles, will Peter and his companions have enough fight in them to survive? Or will they join the ranks of the undead?

 The Rise of Peter Troy Vol. 3 Mayhem by Joseph DiBartolo

The Rise of Peter Troy Vol. 3 MayhemHave you met Peter Troy? His rise as a leader of his group is because he has knowledge of zombies that no one else has. Now, how he got this knowledge is a story in itself!
Joseph DiBartolo takes us back to the world of heroes, victims and zombies, lots of zombies, as Peter Troy and his group continue their quest to survive. The truth of the creation of the zombies has been revealed and now the group has decided they will poke holes in the massive balloon of evil that is flying over the world. The Exilir supplies must be destroyed, one plant at a time.

To their horror, the chaos has spread, people are being turned and the road to safety is littered with death, destruction and zombies. Wars are not fought without losses or new-found allies, and Peter’s group will know both the pain of loss and the strength of their newest ally.
The Rise of Peter Troy, Volume 3: Mayhem is one more non-stop tale from Joseph DiBartolo that slammed me right back into the story after about three words. A short, yet powerful read, heroes will die, revelations can be deadly and only together, can these people survive.

Mr. DiBartolo has once again added to his mini-series with life-like descriptions, the best side of humanity’s “average person,” and the worst side of greed and power. Grab a bat, an axe or whatever you can find; there may be more zombies behind the next corner. Great writing! Non-stop intrigue and zombies, sounds like perfect fantasy reading!

I received this copy from Joseph DiBartolo in exchange for my honest review.