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The Secret: A Thriller by David Haywood Young

The Secret: A Thriller
by David Haywood Young

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: September 16, 2015
Publisher: Cabin Fever Press
Genre: Suspense | Scifi
Print Length: 250 pages
Available from: Amazon

"If you're reading this, I'm almost certainly dead..."
Henge, West Virginia
Hidden in the Appalachian Mountains is a quiet little town where nothing ever happens. Until one fine day in the spring, when the world ends.
A Flash in the Sky
There is a storm...but this isn't lightning. You're not terrified yet. It's coming.
The Prison
The town's non-inmate population doubled when it went in. Nice people, these newcomers. Every one of them. Just now? Something's happening out there. Some say riots. Others say it's a medical problem. And the National Guard is on the way.
A Naked Hairy Guy
Staring through a window. At your daughter. This guy jumps onto rooftops, from the street. There are lots more like him. There are others who are worse.
Nobody Escapes
Nothing is left unchanged.
If you leave town...
You can't do that. Your family needs you. And if you tried, you'd die.
Stay where you are, if you can
But don't ever think you'll escape. Because it's inside you too. Right now.
The Secret
It's here.

The Secret: A Thriller by David Haywood Young

The Secret: A ThrillerHe grew up in the town of Henge, a member of one of the founding families, but when Jacob Ashton went away to college, he came back a stranger in a town of simple tastes, simple times and small town attitudes. He was the square peg trying to fit in the round hole, until the day his world and the world of Henge became a living nightmare. The day the life as they knew it died, along with most of the townspeople.

A mysterious illness has overtaken the nearby prison, people are warned to stay inside, danger is in every shadow and Ash is determined to keep his wife and daughter safe, at any cost. But what are they up against? Why has any connection with the world been cut? Apelike monsters are running loose at night. A preacher is shouting of Fire and Brimstone, gathering his growing flock to a school set up as a shelter, but something is wrong with the people there, as their very essence of humanity seems to be wrung out of them. The town is in shambles, there is no law, not really and it’s every man for himself as Henge is thrown into the chaos of the results of demented machinations. Are they guinea pigs for a super-secret project or is there something even more vile going on? Friends will perish, families will be separated and torn apart, and Ash may become the leader of a rag tag group of survivors, but are they untouched by the evil in the air or will they discover that no one is safe, as beasts arise where men once stood and the lines of good versus evil are drawn in the sand.

David Haywood Young captured my mind from his first sentence, almost a declaration that a death has occurred. The Secret is a tale of a post-apocalyptic world where humans become the fodder of beasts who were once their neighbors, where allies are hard to come by and the concept of safety becomes wishful thinking. A reluctant leader arises in Ash, the main character, whose eyes we witness the devastation of his town. David Haywood Young’s tale brought me chills, as he feeds information slowly while dousing each page in tension. Chaotic scenes, carnage, death, all viewed from the eyes and comprehension that is Ash leaves unanswered questions, a feeling of unease and hopes for more information further down the line. When it struck me that this is actually how we would each see such a disaster, it made total sense, no one knows all that is going on, no one has all of the answers.

Dark, edgy, perfect for someone who doesn’t mind a little gore or a lot of fear!

I received this review copy from David Haywood Young in exchange for my honest review.

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