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Trust Me by Earl Javorsky

Trust Me
by Earl Javorsky

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: July 14, 2015
Publisher: The Story Plant
ISBN-10: 1611882141
ISBN-13: 978-1611882148
Genre: Suspense | Mystery
Paperback: 320 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Jeff Fenner’s life is out of control. At the nadir of a rocky, sometimes-up-usually-down career, he has finally come face-to-face with his demons: he’s being investigated by the police, he owes money to the wrong people, and he sees an empty future shutting down in front of him.

When Jeff hears that his sister Marilyn has committed suicide, he refuses to believe she killed herself and he embarks on a tortuous journey toward self-discovery and redemption . . . and toward the beautiful but troubled Holly Barnes. Holly’s own demons have led her to a self-help cult in Beverly Hills called Saving Our Lives (or, perhaps more appropriately, SOL). Through Holly, Jeff learns of a string of apparent suicides eerily similar to his sister’s—and that Holly is the next target.

A fresh, bracing, surprising novel of suspense, TRUST ME further establishes Earl Javorsky as a thriller voice that demands to be heard.

Trust Me by Earl Javorsky

Trust MeTrust Me, depending on how you say it, can be comforting or ominous. Follow the disaster that is Jeff Fenner’s life, one day at a time as his world fills with the unspeakable, the dangerous, the humbling and the illuminating. Jeff’s sister has committed suicide, he is in debt to less than savory characters and he is on the law’s radar. Once one hits bottom, there is nowhere to go but up, and Jeff begins his crawl out of the hell of addiction and self-destructive ways with the aid of the troubled Holly and a cult designed as a Self-help group. When he discovers a string of apparent suicides that are too close to his sister’s to be coincidence, he also learns that Holly may be next in line.

Earl Javorsky’s Trust me is a tale full of darkness and suspense as one man attempts to redeem himself and stop the deaths of any more victims. Haunting, edgy and intense come to mind when I think of Earl Javorsky’s writing style a she boldly fills in each detail, adding some humor along the way. In a maze of twists, character quirks and entanglements, Mr. Javorsky has written a remarkably refreshing and thought read that will have readers asking for more. Do you like endings that slam into you and leave you dazed? This could be a mystery lover’s dream…Trust Me on that.

I received this copy from The Story Plant in exchange for my honest review.

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