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A New Season by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

A New Season
by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: September 3, 2015
Publisher: SAM & Associates, LLC
Genre: Romance | Sports theme
My Rating: 4 stars
Print Length: 245 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Dark deception has pushed Emma past her limits. She has no choice but to run again.

Back home, she falls in the arms of her childhood crush, sweet and sexy Jaken Tanner, NFL quarterback and publicly all around nice guy.

Emma is desperate to put her sordid past behind her and become the kind of woman worthy of the pure and passionate love Jaken offers.

Despite their immediate attraction and Jaken being the man of her dreams, Emma is afraid to get sucked into his famous guy life and lose herself all over again.

If only she could erase the last few years. If she could forget the pain and shame of her actions, Jaken is her second chance.

Will her past destroy her chance with the perfect guy or will Emma realize she may be perfectly created by her past to build a future with her one true love?

A New Season contains explicit scenes of a sexual nature and is not suitable for readers under 18 years of age.

A New Season by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

A New SeasonShe was damaged by lies and deceit, she had become the woman she despised and she was alone in a foreign country. Coming home after three years away, Emma would never have dreamed that her childhood crush, her brother’s friend and a star quarterback in the NFL would be her welcome home committee, even if it was by chance. A single father, a media darling and more than just “good looking,” Jaken was the man of dreams since forever. But Emma has come home to heal, to find herself and to never be swallowed up in the whirlwind of another’s life, again, and Jaken lived a life at the speed of sound in the public, and on the go constantly. Can Emma handle being scrutinized by every woman wishing they were with him? Why would this man, this Adonis with the kind and caring heart want her? Is she going to be another notch on his bedpost in the revolving door of his life or have true love, trust and respect finally found her? She is convinced she is not worthy, she is broken and hides the darkness and ugly truth she left in China. They say the truth can set you free, but Emma worries that the truth will only break her heart more if Jaken finds out. Is he the man he appears to be with her or is he the star the world sees?

A New Season by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle is romantic conflict, at its saddest as two people find love “too quickly” for Emma to believe possible. Jaken’s wounds have healed, he’s moved on, but has never found what he has with Emma, but her constantly running away in fear is the biggest obstacle they face. Follow their story and see what one strong man can do for a woman too terrified to trust in her heart.

Sydney Aaliyah Michelle’s story is filled with conflict, angst and more conflict, even as the chemistry between Emma and Jaken becomes physically explosive. Emma doesn’t see her strengths, she is too vulnerable to what others think or say, failing to go to Jaken for the truth, or at least his side. Alone, her character is difficult to believe in, its Jaken’s character that shines the brightest with his patience and the ability to go for what his heart wants. He is a man on a mission, one with an alpha streak that just may be what Emma needs, or just may be what pushes her away. There was such a physical attraction that the problems these two faced outside of the bedroom were often difficult to read. Have you ever wanted to slap one of the characters silly? That is how I felt about Emma, who needed to focus beyond herself and understand that the past makes you the person you are today, maybe sadder, but certainly wiser. A wonderful romance with a male hero who was sigh-worthy and had the patience of a saint. Sydney Aaliyah Michelle knows how to pull on heartstrings.

I received this copy from Sydney Aaliyah Michelle as a prize.

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