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An Outback Christmas by Louise Reynolds

An Outback Christmas
by Louise Reynolds

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: December 7, 2015
Publisher: e-penguin
ISBN 9781760142698
Genre - Holiday Romance
Print Length: 80 pages
Available from: Amazon
It's just a few days before Christmas but you wouldn't know it at Carrie Holt's remote outback home. Not only has Carrie turned down all invitations to spend the festive season with friends, she's cancelled Christmas entirely. For Carrie, Christmas holds nothing but sad memories.

Meanwhile, handsome architect Adam Davidson has planned a special Christmas camping trip with his son, Tyler. But a huge storm sends Adam and Tyler straight to Carrie's door, desperate for help.

With the property cut off from the only road out, Carrie is forced to play host to these strangers – the last thing she wants at this time of year. As Christmas draws near, Adam and Carrie grow closer. But with so much tragedy in her past, will Carrie be able open her heart again and rediscover the magic of Christmas?

 An Outback Christmas by Louise Reynolds

An Outback ChristmasIs there anything better than the magic of a Christmas Romance? Carrie has secluded herself in the outback, alone, refusing to be cheered by friends or family at Christmas. The holiday is just another painful reminder of what she has lost, how empty her life has become. Her rundown cabin mirrors her rundown heart, in need of major repairs that are not getting done.

Adam has promised his young son a special Christmas, just the two of them camping in the outback, anything to avoid having to explain why Tyler’s mother wasn’t there. A violent storm brings these two to Carrie’s doorstep.Trapped by the storm, stranded in its aftermath, and Christmas Day only hours away, can this young boy and his loving father begin the healing process for Carrie’s tortured soul? Will they light the spirit of Christmas and re-ignite the flames of love Carrie thought forever gone?

Louise Reynold’s An Outback Christmas isn’t a long, in-depth tale of the sparkle of love and Christmas, but it conveys the sentiment of the season, the pain of loss and renewed hope for the future. Of course I want more of Carrie, Adam and Tyler, but what I have is a beautiful tale that fits into a busy schedule and makes my heart smile. Just what is needed for a magical escape into another world where the magic of the Holiday Season brings love alive.

I received this copy from ePenguin in exchange for my honest review.

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