Monday, November 2, 2015

Angel and the Texan from County Cork by Carra Copelin

Angel and the Texan from County Cork
by Carra Copelin

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: October 2, 2015
Publisher: Carra Copelin
Genre: Historical Holiday Romance
Print Length: 91 pages
Available from: Amazon
 Jamey O'Donnell has reached a crossroads in his life. He loves his family, but he’s restless and feels the need to once again answer the call to adventure. On his way to join the Silver Rush in Leadville, Colorado, Jamey stops to help his old friend, Will Rivers. When he finds out his friend has been killed, he marries the widow to help her keep her ranch and find who murdered his friend. When the time comes for him to leave, can he ignore the long buried emotions she brings to the surface and then walk away?

Angel’s second husband, Will Rivers, has been shot and killed leaving her with an impossible dilemma. Either marry her neighbor to satisfy her husband’s debt or the stranger she shot in her barn who says he’s a friend. Which one does she trust? The man she suspects of killing her husband or the friend who promises to pay off her debt and set her free if she decides their marriage won’t work? Will she be able to bury the feelings stirred by the stranger to live a life alone? 

Angel and the Texan from County Cork by Carra Copelin

When Jamey O’Donnell answered a letter for help from an old friend. He arrives to find a feisty woman attempting to protect her land from others. Angel is Will’s widow and has discovered her husband was not the man she thought and that discovery means she is about to lose the only thing she has, the land. A bit of a bad boy cowboy, Jamey stays around, intending on only getting to the bottom of everything, but the spark that ignites between a defeated, yet defiant Angel moves something within his heart and has cooled his wanderlust for adventure.

Angel and the Texan from County Cork by Carra Copelin is a brief, yet action-packed tale of survival, bad dealings and love. Romantic, yet filled with some suspense, a great read for the Holidays, while sitting in front of a warm fire.

I received this copy as part of the Silver Belles and Stetsons anthology in exchange for my honest review.


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  6. Wonderful review, really captured the essence of the story!