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Attaining Health Through Salah & Ablution by Anayat Bukhari

Attaining Health Through Salah & Ablution
by Anayat Bukhari

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: August 22, 2015
Publisher: Xlibris AU
Genre: non-fiction | science
Print Length: 45 pages
Available from: Amazon
"Attaining Health Through Salah & Ablution is a book that presents comprehensive information on the subject of Salah (Prayers) and Ablution (special washing technique used by Muslims for prayers) in four chapters. It provides very useful information about physical benefits of all the aspects of this Islamic practice in a scientific order.
The purpose is to introduce the easy and practicable methods of achieving and maintaining the physical and mental health to the wider community. The author shares his own experience of Salah and Ablution which helped him to maintain hygiene and body fitness without spending awful amount of money and time.
In the end bibliography is also annexed."  

 Attaining Health Through Salah & Ablution 
by Anayat Bukhari

Practices from different cultures, different religions often seem foreign or unnecessary to others. Attaining Health Through Salah & Ablution by Anayat Bukhari is a non-fiction, no nonsense approach to religious practices that have far reaching health benefits for the physical body. Mr. Bukhari has done a wonderful job explaining the health benefits of cleansing prior to prayer, the steps involved and why Muslims practice this ritual.

If you are like me, you truly know only bits and pieces of the practices of various religions, but thanks to Anayat Bukhari, not only have I been enlightened to these practices, but by explaining the actual benefits, it seems no more unusual than when we assure we have washed our hands, etc. A quick read that is down to Earth, complete with notes sighting the origin of each pearl of wisdom he imparts, I was as interested in the religious aspects as the health benefits. I highly recommend reading Attaining Health Through Salah and Ablution as an eye-opening read that never gets weighted down heavily with dry facts.

I received this copy from Anayat Bhuhari in exchange for my honest review.

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