Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bound in Darkness by Jacquelyn Frank (Immortal Brothers #4)

Bound in Darkness
by Jacquelyn Frank

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Immoral Brothers - Book 4
Publication Date: November 24, 2015
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN-10: 0553393456
ISBN-13: 978-0553393453
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
After drinking from the fountain of immortality along with his brothers, Maxum is condemned by the gods to be entombed in the earth. Even though he has now been granted a reprieve by day, each night he is buried anew, his rock-hard body immobilized, his bones crushed by the pressure. When he emerges, his body heals, but his spirit remains scarred. There is only one way for Maxum to be completely free: He must kill the god who cursed him.

The task will require tremendous power, so Maxum embarks on a quest to gather talismans to equip him for the battle. Then an earthy wench seduces him and steals one of his magical amulets, but he catches her. Finding herself between a rock and a hard place, she strikes a bargain. The beautiful and alluring Airianne is a skilled thief—and she can help him in his acquisition of the talismans. Will this stealthy seductress also try to steal his heart—or will their boldness end up getting them both buried?

 Bound in Darkness by Jacquelyn Frank  
(Immortal Brothers #4)

Bound in Darkness (Immortal Brothers, #4)So, what do you think happens when a skilled thief, tiny and feisty as all heck tries to steal from an immortal on a mission to kill a god? In fairness to Airianne, she thought he was just another mark, easy pickings as she high-tailed it out of town to turn in her bounty for cold hard coin. How could she know he would be there waiting for her, more than a little, um, livid? Two volatile personalities, neither willing to give an inch and one gang of ragtag thieves make an unlikely journey to find artifacts of great power so Maxum can be the last brother freed from his curse. His only way out is death to the god who has cursed him, but how can one immortal human take on a god and survive? With a little magic, a little love and a lot of luck, Maxum may get his freedom, but at what cost? Follow their journey as Maxum and company, along with their latest addition, Airianne travel the world, looting from dragons and more for what could be Maxum’s last battle. Will he find that Airianne is his secret weapon, his greatest power against a crazed god? Or will she be his Achilles Heel when he needs his strength the most?

Jacquelyn Frank’s Bound in Darkness reads like a fantasy adventure as each character plays their role, whether it is to cause conflict or unintentional lust and emotions. Follow their journey, sleep under the stars, in the snow and bathe in an icy lake! No? How about grabbing a comfy chair by a warm fire and live the adventure vicariously through the words of Jacquelyn Frank? Chuckle at the dialogue, the game of tug of war with heartstrings and feel the heat of sensual chemistry as this tale winds down to close out the Immortal Brothers series. Great ending! Great characters! Amazing journey and what an ending! Didn’t see that one coming!

I received an ARC edition from Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine in exchange for my honest review.

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