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Brilliant Secrets by Dawna Raver

Brilliant Secrets
by Dawna Raver

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: November 2, 2015
Publisher: Dawna Raver
Genre: NA Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 301 pages
Available from: Amazon
Kissing her made me want her.
Wanting her made me take her.
Taking her made her mine.

Aleksandr Azarov Black is a procurer of lost works of art—he gets the ungettable. Without remorse, he pushes the boundaries between good and bad.
Everything changed the day he met Rylan Archer, the wom-an his father arranged for him to marry, and the subject of a brilliant secret that Alek must keep. Merely protecting Rylan, however, isn’t good enough; he wants her for himself, and he’ll do anything to make that happen.
Anything except tell her the truth.
Rylan Archer’s life is an epic nightmare. During her last year in college, her beloved mother dies in a mysterious plane crash, and within six months, Rylan finds herself with a stepmother that hates her.
Just when she thought her life couldn't get worse, enter Ale-ksandr Azarov Black, her stepmother’s half-brother. Rylan can’t resist the bad boy of the art world, and she’s willing to put everything on the line to be with him.
Separated by opposite sides of the world, they enter an old fashioned courtship, sharing their dreams and desires through the written word.
When they finally come together, their passion is explosive and all encompassing, their connection scorching. But not everyone is happy to see them together, and some will do anything to keep them apart.
Alek vows to keep Rylan safe, but the secret he holds might be the one thing that destroys them both.
This is a standalone novel with an HEA.  

 Brilliant Secrets by Dawna Raver

Brilliant SecretsWhen is the last time two wealthy, attractive and contemporary adults meet for the first time, knowing that a decision made before one of them was even born sealed them as betrothed to marry? Alek is wealthy, powerful and a business owner in his own right, as well as the heir apparent to his father’s mega-business interests. Rylan is young, beautiful and his step-niece, a seemingly quiet and shy woman, as delicate as she is attractive.

Rylan’s life has been one heartache after another recently and like Cinderella, has a wicked stepmother who despises her. She is taken aback by the handsome man before her as he oozes sexuality and alpha male vibes. Alek knows a secret that could end Rylan’s pain, but he has vowed to never reveal it. Is his attraction to her more than sexual tension? No woman has brought out his protective nature as she has and time will prove he will need to do more than protect her, when she becomes the object of vandalism and threats. Their on again, off again relationship, combined with his reputation as a lady’s man makes keeping Rylan safe almost impossible. The danger mounts, the clock is ticking and their feelings for each other only entangle them deeper in a web of deceit and skewed machinations as the clock winds down and lives that will be eternally changed are in the balance.

Dawna Raver’s Brilliant Secrets is a brilliant suspense-filled tale as she twists dark secrets, jealousy, mental instability and greed into a tale that makes each revelation a startling discovery. Dark, sinister and certainly not an easy to solve mystery, this alone will keep one turning pages.

On the romantic end, for two intelligent individuals, their emotional bond seemed unstable at best, until far into this tale. Rylan is a force to be reckoned with as she reveals each of her many facets as a person, but she seemed far too easily distracted by a handsome face, far too easily trusting all the wrong people and far too ready to be intimate with another while not trusting the one man who actually cares. Alek knows he is a hot commodity, finding someone he actually seems to care about is far too unreal to him and he often reverts back to his playboy fa├žade when his heart is threatened, but that, too can be explained as each page is turned.

Dawna Raver’s characters are so well-developed, it was easy to form strong opinions about them, questioning their moves and wondering how things will be resolved before those dreaded words, “The End,” which I can definitely say, I did not see coming! That is great suspense!

I received this copy from Dawna Raver in exchange for my honest review.

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