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Charity Rain by DeAnna Kinney (Charity Series Book 5): The Drake Triplets

Charity Rain (Charity, #5) The Drake Triplets
by DeAnna Kinney

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Charity - Book 5 (The Drake Triplets)
Publication Date: November 6, 2015
Publisher: Kinney Publishing
Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy
Print Length: 185 pages
Available from: Amazon

Thirteen years have passed since we last saw the young Drake triplets, and they are no longer adorable, but smokin’ hot eighteen year olds coming into their own. Their wolf senses are on high alert as they’re learning to control and master the change.
The summer is over and school is about to start. This will bring Glorianna and Journey back home from the summer months spent in Alaska with Raven and Rose, but that is not all. Not only have the girls grown and matured over the summer, but they’ve brought the beautiful Rain, half vampire/half werewolf, with them. It’s chaos at best as the competition between brothers ignites and sends the Drake pack into a spiral of events that may just destroy them all.
This is book 5 in the Charity Series.  

 Charity Rain: The Drake Triplets by DeAnna Kinney
(Charity Series Book 5)

Charity Rain (Charity, #5) The Drake TripletsI can remember when they were born, can almost see them cutting their little fangs on someone’s best shoe, and now Charity’s boys are all grown up. Talk about a walk down memory lane! You know the feeling, one of your favorite series comes to an end and you’re left shouting at the author, screaming, “No! I’m not ready! Encore, encore, please! Give me something!” DeAnna Kinney may take another bow, Charity Rain: The Drake Triplets is here and young love is in the air!

Not only have the triplets grown up, but so has half vampire/half werewolf, Rain and she is back to attend school with the boys. Let the hormones rage, as these three brothers compete to win the affections of this beautiful young lady! Are they just experiencing puppy love and infatuation? Will their sibling rivalry come to blows, bringing Charity’s house down in the process? Boys will be boys, but one of the Drake triplets may have found his mate and not everyone in the Drake pack is happy. When talking about the pack leader’s family, there are rules, but love is love, destiny is destiny and nothing can stop a wolf from claiming what he wants.

DeAnna Kinney leads us right back into the heart of Drake territory, as this trip becomes one of memories as well as a reminder that time goes on, and a new generation is coming of age. Thank fully, Charity is still Charity and Ms. Kinney gave us just enough of a glimpse at old friends to feel right at home in the chaos that is life with the Drakes! Rain is a young charmer, comfortable with herself and even provides some great revelations of her own, just when it’s needed most.

Once again, DeAnna Kinney has told a tale of love and conflict, while adding her special brand of humor into the mix, drawing us back into her world and having me saying one more time, “No! I’m not ready! Encore, encore, please! Give me something!” Kids, they grow up so could make a parent swoon...

I received an ARC edition from DeAnna Kinney in exchange for my honest review. I highly recommend this timeless series!

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