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Dancin' with One Shoe On by Darron Sample

...Dancin' with One Shoe On
by Darron Sample

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: October 5, 2015
Publisher: Green Ivy
ISBN-13: 9781943955268
Genre: Thriller | Mystery | Suspense
Print Length: 234 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

With smoking some primo herb running a close second behind his kids, urban novelist Leslie Charles loves his wife—just not so much the many issues she’s had.

But when those issues lead to a magazine stand filled with headlines of sex and serial killings, fear for the safety of the things he loves drives Leslie to venture into a world he’s only read about or seen on TV cop shows. A world where mistakes can’t be rewritten, they can only get you killed.

Dancin' with One Shoe On by Darron Sample

...Dancin' with One Shoe onPrepare for a gritty and often raw thriller that barrels forward to more than just answers and resolution. Watch a family struggle with secrets revealed, threats made and the quest of one father and husband to protect his family in the best way he knows how.

Leslie Charles is a successful author, life is good with his three beautiful children and a crazy awesome wife, but his wife has secrets she never revealed. Those secrets have now put their family in danger, as a serial killer lurks in the shadows, and Leslie’s computer discoveries will send him on a trail that could very well get him killed. Hey, his characters do it, why not him?

Dancin’ with One Shoe On by debut author Darron Sample is one part family dynamics, one part love story and one part pure dramatic and suspense-filled action! Mr. Sample’s earthy style is refreshing, unfettered by a fear to write what he feels, particularly when building his family dynamics. This family is real, there is none of the syrupy “Ozzie & Harriet”(google it) fluff, no Huxtable family fluff where life is sooooo perfect and everyone is the ultimate family member. These characters breathe, they are varied, their lives are not perfect and some of the things they do may not make the top ten parenting lists, but this is what gives them life, because in spite of their flaws, they are a strong family unit. I wasn’t so thrilled with some of the racial slurs, but, this is their world, created by an author with a strong voice and I was the guest. In a word, this is reality, threaded perfectly with intrigue! Looking for a new author to read with a huge dose of raw talent?? Like a good thriller with non-stop twists? I highly recommend this piece by Darron Sample.

I received this copy from Darron Sample in exchange for my honest review.

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