Friday, November 27, 2015

Food for Poe by Mae Clair

Food For Poe
by Mae Clair

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: November 13, 2015
Publisher: Mae Clair
Genre: Paranormal Holiday Romance
Print Length: 79 pages
Available from: Amazon
When a blizzard strands Quinn Easterly at a handsome stranger's house on Christmas Eve, she doesn't realize her newly adopted cat, Poe, is the catalyst responsible for bringing them together.

Breck Lansing gave up on relationships after his wife, unable to cope with their daughter’s illness, left him. But the pretty blonde he rescues from a snowstorm has him rethinking his stance—especially when Quinn’s arrival coincides with a dramatic change in Sophie’s health.

Unfortunately, that change also attracts something only whispered about in folklore. Together, Quinn and Breck must defeat a sinister creature intent on claiming the ultimate payment.

Warning: A clever black cat, Christmas magic and paranormal trouble

Food for Poe by Mae Clair

Food For PoeMagical romance with a touch of the mysterious and paranormal, signature Mae Clair, but this time she puts a frosty flourish on her writing by adding a miracle for Christmas! Food for Poe a tongue-in-cheek title for a Holiday read that is simply a joy!

It’s Christmas Eve, the roads are treacherous and Quinn and her newly adopted black cat, Poe find themselves stranded in the home of a single father and his disabled daughter. Just before midnight, a wish is made according to an old legend and the lives of these three will forever be changed for the better. Even the threat of evil lurking within their midst only strengthens the bond that is growing, if they survive. Has Poe lived up to the legend of black cats being bad luck? But this is Christmas, when miracles occur…

Very romantic, sometimes dark, sometimes joyous, the seasoning of this Holiday Romance with a touch of the paranormal is the perfect read for a delightful break from reality. Count on Mae Clair to deliver warmth and suspense with her words. Light a fire, curl up in your favorite chair and drift away under the spell of her magical pen.

I received this copy from Mae Clair in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I've read Myth and Magic by Mae Clair. This sounds like another of her books that I'd enjoy immensely! Nice review! :)
    @dino0726 from 
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    1. Mae Clair has several books you would like!