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Hawaiian Healing by Libby Cole (Hawaiian Heartbreak, #2)

Hawaiian Healing
by Libby Cole

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Hawaiian Heartbreak - Book 2
Publication Date: November 19, 2015
Publisher: Libby Cole
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 94 pages
Available from: Amazon
Kayla came to Hawaii to heal her broken heart. Not to get it smashed all over again.

Jay took over her mind and body, consumed her, and then he was gone.

All she has left are the questions she can’t run from any longer. Can she survive without him? What’s more important, love, or the life she’s built at home? And why does it suddenly seem like Jay’s hiding something?

The second book of three in the Hawaiian Heartbreak trilogy. This book is recommended for readers over the age of 18 due to explicit sexual content.

 Hawaiian Healing by Libby Cole (Hawaiian Heartbreak, #2)

Hawaiian Healing (Hawaiian Heartbreak, #2)Time is running out for Kayla and Jay as Kayla’s getaway is coming to an end. The real world calls, home, family, her career, but can Kayla say good bye to Jay as easily as she had hoped? It was supposed to be a vacation fling, no strings, just a chance to heal her broken heart. Has she allowed her heart to get too involved with this handsome beach boy while letting the tropical breezes feed her romantic dreams?

Jay seems to have no problem letting go, but is that for Kayla’s benefit? It isn’t like they really know anything about each other; Jay has managed to keep everything about her. Does he have skeletons in his own closet? Is it really true love worth risking it all for, or does it have a time stamp on its ending? They say the truth will set you free, but Jay is holding back and Kayla’s heart is being held prisoner.

Libby Cole’s Hawaiian Healing continues the story of Kayla’s escape from reality to heal her broken heart, only to find a fantasy come true in Jay. They fit together like two peas in a pod, but it’s almost time to go home and her heart has questions. Libby Cole has given new depth to her characters in this addition to her series.

There is real chemistry and friendship between Kayla and Jay, but each has conflicting ideas on how to end what they unintentionally started. Not only does Ms. Cole create a wonderful tale, but each scene feels alive, from soft breezes to water lapping on shore. I felt like I was in Hawaii with Kayla, a fly on the wall to their story as they learn to take risks and open up to each other, then stumble when the going gets tough. What they decide in the end may seal their fate.

I received an ARC edition from Libby Cole in exchange for my honest review.

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