Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Kiss My Sweet Skull by Amy Gettinger

Kiss My Sweet Skull
Sequels to Alice in Monologue Land
by Amy Gettinger

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: October 28, 2015
Publisher: Raucous Eucalyptus Press
Genre: Humorous Chick Lit
Print Length: 112 pages
Available from: Amazon

This book includes a novella and a novelette, both stand-alone sequels to my novel, Alice in Monologue Land (2015).
Kiss My Sweet Skull is a humorous, romantic, autumn-themed novella. Dr. Betty Hundleby has been an exemplary anthropology professor her whole adult life. But now, on sabbatical, she’s haunted by a whole slew of dream skeletons—and real ones. Her friend Al uses pumpkin pie as a universal antidote, but she’ll need more than pie to get her out of the fix she’s in after one impetuous, but delicious, act on campus.
Apples and Goat Cheese, and a Red Bikini (In France!) is a humorous mystery romance novelette set in Cassis, France, on the Riviera. Twenty-year-old Fran is having the summer of her life in Europe, capped by a stint as an au pair girl in a boisterous surfing family with some pretty big secrets. What’s really going on in the outbuildings on the property at night? Fran may be way over her head, and in real danger, when she tries to find out. 

Kiss My Sweet Skull by Amy Gettinger

Kiss My Sweet Skull: Sequels to Alice in Monologue LandWith Amy Gettinger behind the wheel of another hysterical chick lit short, I would suggest buckling up tight, grabbing some tissues and get ready for the core workout of your life! I MAY have gone two pages without laughing, maybe. The antics and mental dialogue of one seasoned anthropology professor in the hands on experience of her life! The remains of deceased immigrants sneaking into the US are being cataloged and identification is being pursued, if only to bring closure to families on both sides of the US Mexican border who’s loved ones have gone missing. Serious business, emotional business, all enough to bring tears to one’s eyes as the delicate work of “bringing the deceased home” begins.

Betty thought she could handle handling skulls, bones and the mundane cataloging of skeletons but the off key and strange humor of one co-worker could give her nightmares for life. Disaster after disaster occurs and pretty much, one will find Betty at the bottom of the skeletal heap, as mystery and mayhem clash in the most irreverent ways. Only the pie therapy of her friend, Cal seems to keep her head above water and gives her the perspective to go on, or has she lost all sense of propriety and fallen for the king of decadent desserts? Has Betty revealed too much to this charming and kind man? Talk about skeletons in your closet…

Kiss My Sweet Skull by Amy Gettinger is one more humor with heart tale from the author that lives life to the fullest in her stories and shares each moment with her words. In spite of the humor, and the chaos, there is a sweet story of closure for loved ones, doing good for others and, well, for Betty, toughing it out while being completely out of her element to help others! I love Ms. Gettinger’s style, no need to dig deep for some secret meaning, she lays it out there, leaves you with some laughs and makes that precious escape time priceless.

I received this copy from Amy Gettinger in exchange for my honest review.

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