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No Trouble at All by Lisa Acerbo

No Trouble at All
by Lisa Acerbo

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: October 31, 2015
Publisher: Destiny Whispers Publishing, LLC
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 236 pages
My Rating: 4.5 Stars
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Trouble from the past can kill your future. It's a bad day for Sophie Carter when she stumbles across a dead body in the woods. But when the suspected murderer turns out to be a leather-clad vagabond who died in 1889, her carefully controlled quiet life explodes. Not only is Sophie in the wrong place at the wrong time, as a local history buff who loves old legends, she knows too much about the past to remain uninvolved. Trouble is a killer and no one can escape.

Detective Jackson Lynch asks Sophie to help him decipher the legend of the Old Leather Man and unravel the mystery of the murdered woman. Going against her best judgment, Sophie joins forces with the distracting sexy detective on the police investigation and in pursuit of a killer. Jackson is hot to solve the case as they follow the clues through Connecticut and New York State, uncovering both legend and fact.

As they move closer to solving the murder, a series of missteps shoves Sophie right into Jackson’s arms and straight into the media. Trouble is everywhere. Jackson’s career begins to crumble and Sophie becomes a suspect in the heinous crime. The case unravels. The past and present collide. Sophie is swept into more danger than she could ever imagine when the Old Leather Man comes looking for her hide to tan.

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 No Trouble at All by Lisa Acerbo

No Trouble at AllWhen you hear the words, “no trouble at all,” do you ever wonder if that is always true? Lisa Acerbo has written a romantic suspense titled No Trouble At All that is anything but no trouble for Sophie Carter, jogger, history buff and now unprofessional detective.

It all started with a jog in the park, the flies, all those flies and then, the body, the very dead body. There is something familiar about this killer’s method and it leads Sophie down a path of past legends, past murders and a mysterious killer known as the Old Leather Man. He is the best suspect; unfortunately, he died over one hundred years ago. Has he been resurrected or has he become a victim of identity theft as someone attempts to imitate his crimes?

Enter Detective Jackson Lynch, who uses Sophie’s involvement as a witness to track down a killer with information from the past. Our Sophie is not immune to the charms of Jackson and apparently he returns the sentiment, but can business and pleasure mix when their business is death and their relationship is far from appropriate? The worst thing that could happen is to be caught by the flashbulbs of the press…from that first click of the camera their lives take a downward spiral and their credibility is in doubt as Sophie somehow becomes the new prime suspect. The only one not after her is The Leather Man, or is he? Will she become his next victim? How does he know her every move? Is Sophie about to become the victim of a monster and a broken heart?

Lisa Acerbo has put a special spin on this romantic suspense tale. There is humor, missteps and two completely entertaining main characters, the sometimes uptight, sometimes hot and sexy detective and Sophie, outspoken, independent and in way over her head. Ms. Acerbo has added even twists and turns, hidden clues to bring out the detective in all of us. She keeps the romance hot, fanning the flames between her main characters and then dousing it all with misunderstanding, ego and fear.

A sometimes dark suspense with bouts of humor, a quirky character here and there and just enough romance to spice it up just right Ms. Acerbo has balanced good versus evil just right! Great attention to details, free use of artistic license and voila…wonderful reading from start to finish, but oh, those flies…

I received this copy from Lisa Acerbo in exchange for my honest review.

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