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Silver Belles and Stetsons A Holiday Romantic Anthology by Cait Braxton and More

Silver Belles and Stetsons
by Caroline Clemmons

My rating: 5 stars
Publication Date: November 2, 2015
 Publisher: Lilburn Smith
Genre: Historical Holiday Romance Anthology
Available from:  Amazon US ~ Amazon CA
Silver Belles and Stetsons
Ten Western Romance Christmas Novellas by Amazon bestselling and Award-Winning Authors
Available as a boxed set for a limited time

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Bestselling and Award-winning authors bring you ten western romance novellas featuring alpha-cowboys from the past. This boxed set will take you back in time when
men were rugged and handsome and the women who loved them courageous and

The Greatest Gift: A Montana Cowboy Christmas by Kathleen Ball. Amazon Bestselling
and Award- Wining Author. Looking for the man who ran out on her, Ginger finds a
cowboy worthy of love but he doesn't want or need love.

Catherine’s Cowboy by Cait Braxton, Amazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Author. During a supernatural dust storm, Fate steps in when rugged army tracker Elam helps Catherine deliver her child.

Stone Mountain Christmas by Caroline Clemmons, Amazon Bestselling and Award-
Winning Author. Can Celia restore the town's Christmas spirit? "A beautifully written
story about love and hope and all the emotions Christmas brings out in people." Karren Lucas

Angel and the Texan from County Cork by Carra Copelin. Amazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Author. Does Angel trust marriage to the man she suspects of killing her husband or the stranger who promises to pay off her debt and set her free if she decides their marriage of convenience won’t work?

The Drifter’s Proposal by Kristin Holt, Amazon Bestselling Author.

The Perfect Gift by Lyn Horner, Award-winning author. Friendship has blossomed into young love, but it seems destined to die on the vine...until an unexpected Christmas gift promises happiness.

Marshal Mistletoe by Susan Horsnell. She married the wrong man. Will fate intervene?

Christmas Redemption by Paty Jager, Amazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Author. Can two battered hearts find solace or will the past continue to haunt their lives? "A story of forgiveness that has a wonderful hero who has worked hard to redeem himself."

A Hard Candy Christmas by Hebby Roman, Amazon Bestselling Author. Two damaged souls. Can their budding love and the healing power of Christmas bring them together?

Christmas Cowboy by Margaret Tanner. Will a miracle Christmas baby unite two tortured souls, or will it forever keep them apart?

Silver Belles and Stetsons - a Holiday Season Anthology By
  Cait Braxton, Lyn Horner, Caroline Clemmons, Margaret Tanner, Kristin Holt, Kathleen BallCarra Copelin, Susan Horsnell, Paty Jager and Hebby Roman

Silver Belles and StetsonsTen authors, unique talents, all coming together to share good old-fashioned rugged romance in a time when life was a struggle, but the land was rugged and wild and people had to have spines of steel to survive. From small towns coming together to celebrate Christmas, when no child was left without a gift to a Kiowa slave who has escaped from the clutches of her captors only minutes before giving birth. Strong people, often alone find love and the magic of the season when they need it the most.

Cowboys who never let the land or any woman tie them down find that it only takes the right woman with the strength of a survivor to make them want to stay. Is it the magic of the Holiday Season or fate that brings people together with love?

Silver Belles and Stetsons with short stories by the creative talents of Cait Braxton, Lyn Horner, Caroline Clemmons, Margaret Tanner, Kristin Holt, Kathleen BallCarra Copelin, Susan Horsnell, Paty Jager and Hebby Roman is a collection of the Who’s Who of Historical Western Romance. Very short novellas, each with a message to share; it is together in this anthology that their talents shine through.

Looking to escape into Holiday romance, a little less civilized than contemporary times? The romance starts sweet and often grows into the heated passion that bonds souls together through thick and thin.

Do I have a favorite tale? Yep, I do, will I tell which it was? Nope! I can say, I would love to see each story developed into a full novel, they were that good, with plots that just beg to grow! Enjoy a few samples of the Christmas Spirit with a touch of leather and lace!
As a whole, I easily give this anthology 5 stars! Read one each day or all at once, your choice!

I received this review copy from Lyn Horner, requesting that I read the entire anthology. I am so glad I did!

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  1. Thank you so very much for featuring our Anthology at your blog and for your wonderful review. I, and I'm sure my fellow authors from this anthology, very much appreciate your time in reviewing this book.