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Starlight Wishes by M.E. Montgomery (Polaris, #3)

Starlight Wishes
by M.E. Montgomery

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Polaris - Book 3
Publication Date: October 15, 2015
Publisher: M.E. Montgomery
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 269 pages
Available from: Amazon
 Her wishes dissolved in the darkness…
Jennifer Mitchell grew up knowing what she wanted out of life, and she didn’t let anyone dissuade her. But not all wishes come true. After years of blaming herself for a horrifying experience, she feels her dreams are forever shattered. Attempting to move forward, she searches for someone who can help her escape the nightmare of her past. Many have failed, but now the one person she has sworn to ignore has dared her to dream again and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Can she trust him? Will this choice be the final piece to her heart, or will it be the one who shatter her life into total disrepair?

His wishes struggled to find light…
Tyler Cranston’s life was planned for him at an early age. He lived his life to please others, only to have everything go tragically wrong. Now as an adult he chooses his own path, living and playing hard and earning a playboy reputation along the way. But being carefree isn’t as ‘freeing’ as he thought it would be, and he longs for something more. Now once again he’s willing to do anything to make someone else happy, but she believes she’s happier without him. How can he prove he is worth the risk when he isn’t even sure himself?
Through tears and whispered wishes in the dark, can Jennifer and Tyler become the light for each other and turn their ordeals of the past into dreams for a future? 

Starlight Wishes by M.E. Montgomery (Polaris, #3)

Starlight Wishes (Polaris Series Book 3)Once again, M.E. Montgomery leaves me melting from the inside out with her latest tale of heartwarming romance, Starlight Wishes. They mix like oil and water, the footloose and fancy free playboy doctor and the hard-headed, standoffish respiratory therapist who has him gasping for breath.

Jen let’s nothing stop her from what she wants in life, but the dreams and hopes of the woman she was turned into a nightmare she never saw coming in spite of the warnings. Who could she blame but herself? Deep within, her heart wishes to be completed, but her prickly exterior shields her from the threat of once again, letting the wrong man in and Tyler Cranston has, “Danger, broken heart ahead,” written all over his gorgeous face.

Tyler is a pleaser, trying to be everything everyone wanted, but he’s an adult now and the only person he has to please is himself, but there is still something missing that fast flings and fast cars won’t fill. Has he become a glutton for punishment, wanting the one woman who thinks he is toxic?

Two kindred spirits, damaged by their pasts, is it time to take a chance on love and learning to trust in another person or will that expose weaknesses better left hidden? Will it take a nightmare coming true to bring them the dreams they have wished for?

I see M.E. Montgomery isn’t finished with me yet as she pulls out all the stops in this romantic tale! Humor, attitude, and chemistry, did I mention two fabulous characters that just scream “I want you!” to each other? Building trust, overcoming emotional obstacles and taking a chance on full disclosure, ugly family warts and all, that is building a relationship and M.E. Montgomery is the architect behind the scenes directing where each block goes, one page at a time. After the first two books of this series, I had no idea how she could top herself, but now I know! If you have an ounce of romantic in you, Starlight Wishes is going to squeeze at your heart in the best way!

I received this copy from M.E. Montgomery in exchange for my honest review.

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