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The Jasper's Courage by Alan Black (An Ozark Mountain Series, #5)

The Jasper's Courage
by Alan Black

My rating: 5 stars

Series: An Ozark Mountain Series - Book 5
Publication Date: October 23, 2015
Publisher: Alan Black
Genre: Historical Fiction
Print Length: 174 pages
Available from: Amazon
In 1925, Mercy, a black ex-prostitute, dumped like yesterday’s trash, is taken in by the bravest, boldest woman she’s ever met. What’s in store for her, finding hope and courage with LillieBeth Hazkit or more rejection? When Bald Knobbers bent on keeping their mountains for whites only, visit them, Mercy wants to run, but there isn’t anywhere to go. LillieBeth, with true Hazkit style, refusing to yield or bend, they confront the evil together.

Can Mercy learn to live with Leota Wikoff at the Hazkit’s, no less racist than the Bald Knobbers willing to lynch her? Can she learn farm life or will she be a burden to the young woman who rescued her? Can a small jasper stone give Mercy the courage to be strong?

The Jasper's Courage by Alan Black 
(An Ozark Mountain Series, #5)

The Jasper's Courage (An Ozark Mountain Series Book 5)LillieBeth has grown up, but her stalwart battle defending those who cannot defend themselves is still at the heart of her life and belief in her God. This time, instead of hearing LillieBeth’s story, one of her latest causes tells the story of life in the mid 1920’s under LillieBeth’s protection. See life through the eyes of Mercy, a black woman and former prostitute who struggles to survive in a world where a white man will pay for her favors in the night, but threaten her life in the harsh light of day.

Taken in by LillieBeth, the threats and destruction, thievery and trouble begin as the mountain learns of this brash move. Will LillieBeth continue to defend Mercy’s right to live as any other person? How does Mercy feel about living in the home of a white woman as an equal? Mercy is no hero, but LillieBeth knows the magic of a strong belief and the courage it brings, sharing with Mercy as only she can.

The Jasper’s Courage is one more incredible read from the powerfully creative pen of Alan Black. As with every other book in this series, a strong faith, a belief in justice and the power of the mountain brings history to life through the eyes of those who lived it. Complete with a glossary of terms of the era and location at the end, Mr. Black blends his imagination with the reality of an era where just surviving was an accomplishment, and fear of someone or something different could be as deadly as a rattler.

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