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The Orb of Wrath by Nic Weissman (The Merchant's Destiny Book 1)

The Orb of Wrath
by Nic Weissman

My rating: 4 stars

Series: The Merchant's Destiny - Book 1
Publication Date: June 17, 2015
Publisher: Nic Weissman
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 318 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

The Orb of Wrath combines fantasy, intrigue and adventure, while transports the reader into a world where almost nothing is what it seems. Plots, counterplots, mysteries, blossoming relationships, disappointments, betrayals, dangers and successes, are combined in this fun cocktail.
Erion is a skilled looter who runs the kingdom of Bor with his "brother" Mithir, performing dangerous commissions for wealthy clients. Mithir helps with his long trained magical abilities. One day, when they are doing one of their assignments, they encounter another group of adventurers, with whom they are forced to cooperate.
The plot runs in the World of Oris which consists of 12 kingdoms and includes elves clans, dangerous monsters, dwarf kings, rich desert emirs, strange beasts, hospital halflings, ferocious orcs, ingenious gnomes, powerful wizards, brave knights, merchants, terrible vampires, etc. Recommended for the permanent library of all fantasy readers.
Do you dare to accompany Erion and his friends in their adventures?

 The Orb of Wrath by Nic Weissman 
(The Merchant's Destiny Book 1)

The Orb of Wrath (The Merchant's Destiny Book 1)In the manner of great fantasy, The Orb of Wrath by Nic Weissman keeps his plot spinning, full of sub-plots, intrigue and the magic of other lands. Erion and his brother of choice, Mithir are business owners, they provide a service to those who can pay. Some call it robbery, but they call it survival and planning for the future. As a team, they work great together, as Mithir has some magical abilities. When they are forced to work with others, they begin a fantastical adventure that will take them to strange places, kingdoms and meet a host of mystical, mythical beings.

From vampires to elves, to dwarf royalty to beasts of untold origin, Erion and Mithir will face off against evil, danger, deceit and foul play. Follow the twisted path on their journey as giant spiders and more mean them harm, will they become dinner for monsters or will their wits and new found companions save the day?

Great fantasy tales are meant to be savored. They are meant to add a cast of characters that each deserve their time on stage, because one knows they will all come together at some point, right? No adventure is taken in a vacuum; events are happening simultaneously and like the butterfly wings across the world, each event will cause a ripple effect.

Follow the words of Nic Weissman as he builds wonderful scenes, interesting characters and a story of true adventure in another world. No detail is too small as this world is staged, as two young men who have always been there for each other stand side by side on the greatest adventure of their lives.

I received this copy from Nic Weissman in exchange for my honest review.

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