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The Victor's Heritage by Anthony Caplan (The Jonah Trilogy Book 2)

The Victor's Heritage
by Anthony Caplan

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Jonah Trilogy - Book 2
Publication Date: November 14, 2015
Publisher: Hope Mountain Press
Genre: Sci-fi | Dystopian
Print Length: 366 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
 Corrag is a Democravian teenager, smart, funny and bold. Maybe too bold. It is 2045. America has been shattered into two countries. Democravia and the Republican Homeland. Peace between the two continental rivals is always fragile. An ill-fated escapade with her boyfriend launches Corrag on a journey of revolutionary impact, driving her to exile in the Nenkaja from which there is no escape. Will she ever find a place for herself in a society dominated by the Augment? The Victor's Heritage, Book Two of the Jonah Trilogy, is a science-fiction thriller, a roller coaster of a book.

The Victor's Heritage by Anthony Caplan

The Victor's HeritageThe Augment, touted by those in power to be the perfect solution for the greater good. Everyone is urged to receive it, embrace it and be controlled by it, but there are always those who would rather die than be controlled, those who see it for what it is, evil. The year is 2045 and America is now two countries, balancing on a thin truce that could be shattered at any minute and Corrag becomes a free thinking, high spirited female who made one error that will catapult her into the world of revolution and exile, with little hope of freedom, unless she takes her future into her own hands.

Follow Corrag as she sees her dystopian world through eyes that have been opened to different truths and different realities as she weaves her way through the maze of life and survival.

The Victor’s Heritage by Anthony Caplan is non-stop action, adventure and completely spell-binding reading from start to finish. Mr. Caplan has woven a tale that sometimes parallels contemporary events, although set in a futuristic world. We often see teens as rebellious, as they seek to forge their own path, but is that always so terrible? Corrag is one such teen who has been forced into a world she is ill-prepared for and yet is ready to embrace new ideas and concepts far from the standard “party” lines. Mr. Caplan captures the force of youth, of coming of age, of new awareness and puts it all together into a tale that never lets up!

Once again, he writes with a skilled hand and brilliant detail, bring every character and scene to life as the tension stays taut and thought-provoking while never veering off from being 100% entertaining, start to finish! A definite MUST READ, not matter your age!

I received this copy from Anthony Caplan in exchange for my honest review.

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