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True North by M.E. Montgomery (Polaris, #2)

True North
by M.E. Montgomery

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Polaris - Book 2
Publication Date: November 21, 2014
Publisher: M. E. Montgomery
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 304 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Alex and Kayla have found in each other what they need to move beyond the tragedies of their pasts and are ready to embrace their future together. But the problem with the past is it doesn’t always agree to be left behind. Sometimes it follows, unwilling to let go.

Now everything they thought they knew to be true is suddenly turned up on end. Collisions between the past and the present challenge their happiness, and hiding in the shadows lurk more obstacles that threaten their future.

Alex and Kayla are determined not to let these twists and turns destroy their happiness. But is love enough? What happens when lies, uncertainty, and deception entangle with their plans? Will determination be enough when faced with disaster?
Charting a course is easy; finding your True North and staying the course is the greater challenge.
(NOTE: This is not a stand-alone book. It is the conclusion to the first book in the series, North Star.)

True North by M.E. Montgomery (Polaris, #2)

True North (Polairs Series #2)Leaving me a quivering puddle of goo from book one, M.E. Montgomery had me from the start for book two. True North continues the tale of Alex and Kayla as their relationship continues to blossom in spite of the obstacles from the past that have left festering wounds. Together they are stronger than apart, and Alex is a rock, a one-of-a-kind man that deals with his own past as well as Kayla’s. In a perfect world, the past remains where it belongs, but for this couple, the ghosts that belong buried come back to haunt them both. Enough for any couple to withstand, but with love and commitment, they forge ahead only to find that what is in their future may be even more devastating as a twisted plot unfolds that threatens the life they have planned together.

M.E. Montgomery leads us down a dark path filled with lurking shadows, threats and heartbreak as their very lives are put in danger, their character is sullied and those who wish them harm will stop at nothing to attain their goals. Witness the shock of their discoveries, the results of the actions of evil and how this beautiful love story almost came crashing down in shards.

Prepare to have your heart in throat, your nerves taut and fraying, because the events that transpire will leave you raged and raw. Ahh, but this is M.E. Montgomery bringing true depth to her love story and enforcing the magic between two amazing characters through the good times and the very, very bad. Do Alex and Kayla have what it takes to venture forward or will they pull back for the sake of the ones they love? Once again, M.E. Montgomery plays to our hearts with unforgettable characters, amazing dialogue and twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat, either white-knuckling your fists or pumping them high in the air.

When an author can cause the reader to completely lose all sense of reality and to live each step of the way with the characters, they have done their job and done it well! This is powerful writing that was not rushed, this is intriguing romance at its best.

I received this copy from M.E. Montgomery in exchange for my honest review.

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