Tuesday, November 24, 2015

UNIVERSE by Paul A. Wunderlich

by Paul A. Wunderlich

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: October 28, 2015
Publisher: Paul A. Wunderlich
Genre: Poetry
Print Length: 43 pages
Available from: Amazon

Imagine yourself flowing in a river of solar wind...

Have you gaped at the sky during a starry night? Have you ever imagined the pulsing of stars as distant, fragile secrets carrying a message? UNIVERSE is a constellation of poems inspired from the awe caused by the night-sky. Each poem is a fusion of words, a star if you will, that invites you to flow with its fire. 

UNIVERSE by Paul A. Wunderlich

UNIVERSEHow often have you read poetry? I’m not talking about the poetry for a school assignment; I mean just read short poems for reading pleasure. Here’s your chance to enjoy the words of Paul A. Wunderlich, who knows how to create his own Universe of thoughts, feelings and well-chosen words. Enjoy the portraits of the night he creates as his words come to life on each page. Definitely not heavy reading, these easy to enjoy verses tell a story or create an illusion and most certainly will have you looking for your own interpretation of is words.

Poetry is personal, and each poem feels like it is written just for the reader. Mr. Wunderlich has proven he is a strong writer able to cross genres with ease!

I received this copy from Paul A. Wunderlich in exchange for my honest review.

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