Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Weather the Storm by Lisa Mondello

Weather The Storm
by Lisa Mondello

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Rising Storm - Book 7
Publication Date: November 5, 2015
Publisher: Evil Eye Concepts, Incorporated
Genre: Contemporary Drama
Print Length: 90 pages
Bryce Daniels faces a crisis of faith when his idyllic view of his family is challenged with his son’s diagnosis of autism. Instead of accepting his wife and her tight-knit family’s comfort, he pushes them away, fears from his past threatening to undo the happiness he’s found in his present.     

Weather the Storm by Lisa Mondello

Weather The Storm (Rising Storm #7)A pastor loses faith in his own life, his marriage and refuses to accept some emotionally devastating news. As Bryce distances himself from his wife and family, Tara feels her own resentment rise.
Someone learns that just maybe, delivering a cold ultimatum is not the way to win love and trust, while Dakota is still lost in her pathetic fantasy that she will become the “good” senator’s wife. As Sebastian sets her straight, he may be giving her ammo for future attacks.
Will the truth of one woman’s pregnancy finally be revealed? Will she realize that the relationship she has with her late best friend’s parents is unhealthy and stifling?

So much drama, so many clandestine relationships, lies and pain, Storm may just be Hell’s way station for new candidates. Weather the Storm by Lisa Mondello adds one more jagged piece of the puzzle to the town that is Storm. Feel the tension rise, as we are railroaded to the top of the cliff and prepare for the final plunge that should be both breath-taking and fierce!

Indulge your inner voyeur, secure in the knowledge that you don't live in Storm.
I received an ARC edition as part of the Rising Storm Release Day Tour.

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