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Without You by Lindsay Detwiler

Without You
by Lindsay Detwiler

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: December 1, 2015
Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 222 pages
Available from: Amazon
On the surface, Jenna Landsen has it all…
She’s smart, beautiful, confident, and married to Camden Landsen, who happens to be drop dead sexy and just as successful. But after five long years, all the success in the world hasn’t brought the romantic spark back into her marriage. Jenna fears it never will.
When life gives you lemons, open a bakery and name it Vi’s…
Violet Streiff made the exact mistake her mother warned against—she fell in love with Liam Coffman, a charming finance major. When he left her heartbroken to further his career, Violet drowned her sorrows by opening a bakery, and now relies on Bob, her eighteen-pound cat, for warmth at night instead of a sexy man.
To find love, sometimes you first have to discover yourself…
When Jenna’s job offers an extended trip to New York, she packs her bags and takes a two-month vacation from life. The chance of her marriage surviving looks grim, until the surprise of a lifetime throws a wrench in her plans to stay in the Big Apple for good.
You can bend the rules—but sooner or later they’ll break…
When Violet meets a gloomy but totally drool-worthy guy named Camden in her shop, she’s sure her luck has changed. There’s no denying the chemistry, but he’s married, and that’s a major problem. Violet isn’t a homewrecker. Still, staying away from Camden proves nearly impossible. That is, until his wife comes home.
Two women.
Two men.
Double the chance to find love in the most
unexpected places—or double the chance for disaster.

Without You by Lindsay Detwiler

Without YouWhen the wedding bells stop chiming and the last of the confetti is thrown, the newly minted couple begin the first step of an uncharted journey through life. What if they begin to wander off the singular trail they are blazing? What if one of them seems near clueless and the other uses a business trip to take a time out from marriage? Jenna and Camden were the perfect couple, comfortable, financially sound, successful in their careers, but their once close relationship has come unglued, and they have wandered off their path and into the ruts so many fall into.

The lure of the freedom of being single, independent and fancy-free sounds good, but in practice, Jenna finds her anger with Cam dissolving, the longer her business trip takes. Even the bright lights of the big city are losing their shine, but is it too late?

Back in their small town, another woman is starting over, alone and determined to make it in a small time bakery, where the warmth of the atmosphere is matched only by the smells of fresh baked goods. Violet was dumped when Liam left her to pursue his dreams. When the sad, yet handsome Cam walked in, Violet thought her heart had found a new home. Ever proper and clearly crushed by his estranged wife, they kept a warm, yet platonic relationship, until Violet wanted more. Had she crossed an unspoken line? Was it possible to undo the damage? Maybe their friendship could become more, or maybe that woman staring in the shop window would bring her hopes crashing down.

The highs and lows of love, of commitment and internal struggles come alive as Lindsay Detwiler reveals her latest romantic tale, Without You, as a young married couple lose sight of why they are together and another dissolves as their live paths split. Ms. Detwiler has added everything one needs to live alongside these people, feeling their pain, sensing their confusion and realizing how difficult being a couple can truly be. Beautiful, heart-wrenching words come from Ms. Detwiler as she brings her story to life in a way where no one is the villain, but the stories ring as realistic as a chapel bell. Within her words, one can see that, yes, a happily ever after is possible, but not without work and not necessarily the way one thinks. Beautifully written, filled with raw, emotional turmoil.

I received an ARC edition from Lindsay Detwiler in exchange for my honest review.

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