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47 Sweet Street by Lena North

47 Sweet Street
by Lena North

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: December 20, 2015
Publisher: Flat-out Publishing
Genre: YA/Teen Fiction
Print Length: 60 pages
Available from: Amazon
Louise loves her life. She married her high school sweetheart, stayed in her small home town, and has what she always wanted - a good life on 47 Sweet Street, with Dan, their daughter Nin and their two big dogs. Except, Nin is going away to college after summer and Louise just can’t seem to find the right words to talk to her daughter anymore. And what about Dan, what if they don’t have anything left to talk about either?

Nin hates her life. College can’t start fast enough, and she’s ready to start her life as an adult, to leave the boring little town and the street with the silliest name in the whole county. Probably in the whole world. Sweet Street – who the heck came up with a name like that? Except, Nin’s nervous about leaving her safe home, and what if her mom and dad won’t understand that she’s so not interested in getting a business degree?

Then Dan has to leave and things take a turn for the worse as the two women struggle to find their way back to each other, or maybe forward together?

47 Sweet Street by Lena North

47 Sweet StreetThose growing pains, the coming of age, yet not quite ready to fly solo, high school is behind you and college and the world are right there, just begging to be tasted and nobody, especially your mother understands. Ever feel like that? Ever forget that just maybe your mom was the one to best understand how you feel or that her words are not meant to hold you back but to try to help you avoid pain, or being overwhelmed by the adult world? Did you forget your mother was a human, too? That she was a woman with all of the same feelings you have? Nin did and she belittled her mother publicly in an all-to-familiar lack of maturity.

Louise is a good mother, a good wife and her life is wonderful, but her relationship with Nin has hit rough sailing and it hurts, not being able to communicate anymore. How does the child who let her patch scratches and scrapes, tell her bedtime stories and who believed her parents could hang the moon turn into a stranger who is trying to break free like a prisoner on death row?

Delightfully sweet, realistic and sometimes tear worthy, 47 Sweet Street by Lena North feels like an emotional journey back in time for many and a dangerous pitfall to avoid for others. A mother’s love is there no matter what, her wisdom and her own needs will always be there, too, but until the child turns up the volume in their heart they will never understand that in front of them is a true hero.
Lena North has peppered her short tale with reality and life. Life can have its funnier moments, its tense moments and those AHA moments when we get it! Well written, sweet and fun, 47 Sweet Street is a gem of a short read, but don’t be surprised if you see yourself in these amazingly wonderful characters.

I received an ARC edition from Lena North in exchange for my honest review.

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