Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Knock at the Door by Helen Yeomans

A Knock at the Door
by Helen Yeomans

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: November 18, 2015
Publisher: Guards Publishing
Genre: Children's Fiction
Print Length: 44 pages
Available from: Amazon

Letters live at home when they’re little. Then they join a word. A Knock at the Door presents five tales from the Letter World:
--The Story of NIGHT tells of the arrival of G and H.
--The HALF-Trained L reveals why L is always silent.
--The QUIET Strangers describes a household that never stops arguing.
--PIGEON Panic reports what happened when a letter forgot its sound.
--The Beginning of BOUGH relates how two letters decided to start a new word.

Fun to read or read aloud, A Knock at the Door appeals to both children and adults. Bedtime stories for little ones or a chapter book for older children.

A Knock at the Door by Helen Yeomans

A Knock at the DoorHelp a child learn to love the joy of words, spelling and reading with the magic of letters come to life. Helen Yeomans’ A Knock at the Door is a delightful tale of letters, their sounds and their quirks, all beautifully illustrated to capture a child’s imagination.

Ms. Yeomans breaks her tale down into short stories that bring out a new word, such as NIGHT. When a child learns to read, they are proud of recognizing the sounds of words like Dog or cat, then, BAM we hit them up with words like NIGHT. Helen Yeomans tells WHY we do not hear the G or the H and it is a wonderful way to tag that in a child’s mind.
Each tale is an easy to read, easy to understand and slightly silly way to subtly strengthen a child’s reading ability while being a charming way to spend quiet time either reading to a little one or having them read it to you.

For me, the best part is, you can use Ms. Yeoman’s book as a jump off point that allows a child to make up their own stories about letters! (and admit it, you'll be doing it, too!)Give a child the gift of reading and your time! You will both feel the magic!

I received this copy from Helen Yeomans in exchange for my honest review.

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