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Announcing The Sexy Winner of Cindy Irish's Sexy Santa Giveaway

Opera is getting Sexy!
Winning a $100 Gift Card in the Sexy Santa Giveaway is Sexy

And the Sexy Winner is:

Amy B

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And of course a Special Thanks to Cindy Irish for a 

Sexy Series - Sexy Men - Sexy Giveaway

The Song That Seduced Paris
by Cindy Irish

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Bel Homme Quartet - Book 1
Publication Date: January 9, 2015
Publisher: Enoch Publications, LLC
ISBN: 1942627017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 340 pages
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 Opera gets sexy! American music mogul Teddy Wilson combines the beauty of opera with the marketability of pop and creates the pop-opera multinational singing group called “Bel Homme.” French for “Beautiful Man,” the four performers he chooses are much more than that.

Gabriel Grenier is already a huge celebrity in his native France, but even at the height of his career, he’s bored and lonely and still wants more, so he accepts Teddy’s offer, hoping it will become his redemption.

American music teacher Annie Morgan is brought into this venture by her Aunt Harriet, who’s Teddy’s executive assistant. Annie becomes Teddy’s special emissary in this new undertaking—but she’s not prepared for her instant attraction to the charismatic Gabriel. And he’s blindsided by the life-altering effect of Annie’s very first smile.

It doesn’t matter, anyway, because Teddy wants nothing personal mucking up this gig, and he forbids the two to get involved. Gabriel has never had to answer to anyone, and he’s not sure he wants to start now. Annie is still mourning her deceased husband’s memory, and she’s not sure of anything.

What happens when beautiful music meets predestined love? Seduction always wins.

Gabriel’s and Annie’s love story is the first book in this romantic, sexy Bel Homme Quartet. Don’t miss being there from the very beginning. Vive la France! 

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