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Caribbean Heat Baby Girl Book V by Elle Klass

Caribbean Heat Baby Girl Book V
by Elle Klass

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: December 2, 2015
Publisher: Elle Klass
Genre: Mystery|Thriller NA
Print Length: 156 pages
Available from: Amazon

Baby Girl believes she has finally found her safe harbour and her Paradise in the beautiful Caribbean Island of St. Thomas, far from her dark and dangerous past. And then she gets a phone call and a call for help from La Tige, the one man she cannot refuse. La Tige is on his way to Puerto Rico, but not for a vacation. He has been hired to track a vicious "black widow" killer believed to be on a cruise ship about to dock in San Juan. Only Cleo’s unusual talents can bring her close to this cunning manipulator, and as the web of deceit tightens, everyone becomes a suspect, even the luscious and disturbing Raul. Cleo must untangle this deadly web, even as mysterious connections from her past threaten her fragile hopes for a new life and a happier future.

 Caribbean Heat Baby Girl Book V by Elle Klass

Caribbean Heat Baby Girl Book VBaby Girl is back, thanks to the pen of Elle Klass! Has Cleo finally found a place to feel safe? Welcome the warm breezes of the Caribbean where the sunshine can almost wash away the darkness of the past. Caribbean Heat Baby Girl Book V continues to chronicle the life and time, ups and downs as, once again, La Tige makes a request she cannot refuse. Will she follow his orders and warnings or will she go one step too far with her unusual talents, putting herself in harm’s way, once again? Will her past slither into the present when she least expects it?

The Black Widow is on La Tige’s radar, and Cleo has befriended the deadly darling in search of proof of the suspicious deaths of her many wealthy husbands. Ahh, the webs of mystery, murder and mayhem, are they also entangled in love?

Elle Klass has proven her worth as a strong voice in the writing world. Scenes that scream, I’m real, smell the sea air, hear the palms whisper with the breezes set the stage for emotional turmoil, dangerous liaisons and consequences that could prove deadly. Follow along, as the machinations of one deadly woman entangles everyone in her web in some shockingly surprising ways! Excellent pacing, world building, action and mystery!

I received an ARC edition from Elle Klass in exchange for my honest review.


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