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Christmas Romance 2015 - Places To See by Jennifer Conner, Sharon Kleve, Angela Ford, Natalie-Nicole Bates

Christmas Romance 2015 - Places To See
by Jennifer Conner

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Places to See
Publication Date: November 18, 2015
ISBN: 1519418078
Genre: Holiday Romance
Print Length: 225 pages
Available from: Amazon

Together for the first time together in a boxed set.

Aubri, Paget, Erika, and Jade were there to support their boss after the loss of his daughter. Mr. Simon knows the women work too hard and with his daughter’s death, he’s found that life is short. For Christmas, he decides to give the four women an early present and fly them anywhere in the world they want to go with all expenses paid.

They chose Germany, France, Italy, and Bulgaria.

The girls know how to work but can they learn how to have fun?

Come along with Aubri, Paget, Erica, and Jade and they travel around the world and maybe along the way…even fall in love!

Kisses and Strudel - Places to See Germany - Jennifer Conner
In Love with Paris - Places to See France - Sharon Kleve
Christmas in Tuscany - Places to See Italy - Angela Ford
Twice as Nice Christmas - Places to See Bulgaria - Natalie-Nicole Bates

Christmas Romance 2015 - Places To See
by Jennifer Conner, Sharon Kleve, Angela Ford, 
Natalie-Nicole Bates 

Christmas Romance 2015 - Places To SeeFour short stories, each a romantic powerhouse in their own way, some with cute humor, some with prickly tension, but all a delightful break from reality, especially when the day calls for a time out for happy thoughts and good deeds done in the name of love.
When a charming and caring boss loses his effervescent daughter far too early in her life, he returns the love and support of four young women in his office by gifting them each a trip of a lifetime, with only one caveat, they must NOT do any kind of work related things while gone! Follow along from Germany to France to Italy and Bulgaria as these four women find so much more than the beauty of the lands they have chosen to see.

Aubri chose Germany, secretly combining work with pleasure, only find Ryker, and the joy of falling in love, but her trip won’t last forever and their parting is inevitable… Kisses and Strudel by Jennifer Conner is a magical tale of finding love and dealing with an unknown future.

For Paget, it was the wonders of Paris as she connects with another passenger on her flight and they find more in common than an interest in the Eiffel Tower. Sharon Kleve’s In Love with Paris is a heart-warming tale of two people who find love in the city famous for romance. Will the glitter of romance dull when Paris is a memory or will this be the beginning of something to treasure always? Sigh worthy, smile worthy, and its Paris…need I say more?

A tour of the vineyards of Italy was Erika’s choice, and when a last minute tour guide switch was made, she finds that the best vintage for love stands before her in the shape of a devastingly handsome man. But will the grapes of wrath and misunderstanding make the fine wine of romance turn to vinegar? Angela Ford’s Christmas in Tuscany is filled with beautiful scenes, tension and a romance tested from the start.

Jade impulsively purchased a home in Bulgaria, online, so where else could she choose to go? Visions of a warm cottage nestled in the countryside are shattered by the reality she faces, but one man sees the positive side of everything and shows Jade that nothing is insurmountable, nothing is impossible, not even finding love in the middle of a housing crisis. Twice as Nice Christmas by Natalie-Nicole Bates proves home is where the heart is and where your heart belongs will always be home.

Was it the magic of the season, the kindness of Mr. Simon or the loving spirit of his daughter who knew love was in the air for four deserving young women who have given so much of themselves without asking for anything in return? Quick, easy reading filled with the kind of romance that resides in fairytales, Christmas Romance – 2015 – Places to See will thaw even the iciest of hearts!

I received a review copy in exchange for my honest review. If you are looking to find more of the magic of the Holidays, this is a great way to find some!

I received this copy from Sharon Kleve in exchange for my honest review.

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