Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dark Destiny by Thomas Grave

Dark Destiny
by Thomas Grave

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: October 21, 2015
Publisher: Thomas Grave
Genre: YA Horror
Print Length: 361 pages
Available from: Amazon
Great friends. A perfect girlfriend. Life is good for 17-year-old Sebastian until tragedy shatters his blissful existence, awakening a dark power inside him. Visions of a ghostly and broken world lead to a mysterious woman who tells him that he's the reincarnation of Death. With the title comes great power. Will he use it for good? Or, will he drown in the darkness of his own selfish purposes?

Dark Destiny by Thomas Grave

Dark DestinyScene one, a sweet and tender moment between two young lovers, soulmates that turns bad, very bad. Flash forward a while, tuck the couple into your memory banks and wait for the twist. Now, turn a hormonal, strong willed teen loose in a new and terrifying world, don’t give him too much information and let the chaos begin! Kind of like closing the barn AFTER the horses get out. Hang on as we enter the world of Death with author Thomas Grave and Dark Destiny. Trust me, you will never look at “the afterlife or “the Reaper’” the same, as Sebastian is torn from his average high school world that has already been shattered by the death of his girlfriend and pitched headlong into his destiny, as Death, himself, complete with scythe and robe. His first assignment? Take his best friend into the beyond where he will be welcomed by eternal happiness, eternal damnation or left to ponder his fate in Purgatorium. Talk about baptism under fire! No one mentioned that Sebastian should NEVER, EVER stop someone from going into the light, until AFTER he grabbed his buddy back. Oops.

Follow Sebastian as he navigates this new world while keeping secrets in the human world that he knows will crush others. “They” were supposed to wait until he was an adult, but with a twist of fate, this ill-prepared teen, who thinks with his emotions before his head is caught in a world where the souls of the dead feed his power and evil lurks around every corner to destroy the balance of the afterlife. With a couple of quirky angels on his side, can Sebastian battle against the darkness and win or will he become just another casualty in the war between the light and the dark for souls?

Thomas Grave is hit this one out of the ballpark! From young adults to not so young adults, there is a little of everything for everyone! Not spooky enough to truly be horror, not mush enough to be a romance, but certainly intriguing enough to be near impossible to put down. Wonderfully developed characters, a twisted path to the end and multiple POVs make the genius dialogue and snark like the icing on the cake! Wicked fast pacing, and a plot that never gives too much away too quickly, I have to say, I didn’t see this one coming! Highly recommended for minions, wraiths, angels and even living, breathing humans!

I received this copy from Thomas Grave in exchange for my honest review.

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