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Deadly Dunes by E. Michael Helms (A Mac McClellan Mystery, #3)

by E.Michael Helms

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Mac McClellan Mystery - Book 3
Publication Date: March 15, 2016
Publisher: Camel Press
ISBN-10: 1603813470
ISBN-13: 978-1603813471
Genre: Mystery | Suspense
Paperback: 228 pages
Available from: Amazon
Hours after hiring Mac McClellan to investigate the supposed suicide of her archaeologist brother, single-mom Jessie dies in a car accident. Jessie had just showed Mac artifacts and a copy of a map Jake found, items that indicate Hernando de Soto and his explorers might have camped on Five Mile Island during the winter of 1539-1540. Studying the map, Mac determines the site lies in the middle of a planned resort, The Dunes. Declaring the area an historic site could shut the project down. Suspicions aroused, he forges ahead, even though he no longer has a paying client.

Everywhere Mac turns, greed abounds, and no one he interviews seems innocent, even Jessie's closest friends the Deckers, who have adopted her teenage daughter. Ron Decker's construction company is building the Dunes, and he is heavily invested in its success. Then there is the oily son and ex-stripper wife of an old curmudgeon who won't sell the one lot the project still needs to acquire. Jake's estranged wife Laurel had plenty to gain from his death, and as Mac continues to dig, he begins to wonder if Jessie herself had more at stake than he was led to believe.

No one is happy about Mac's persistence, and someone is unhappy enough to crash his truck and frame him for yet another murder. But Mac isn't giving up, no matter what the cost.

Book 3 in the Mac McClellan Mystery series.

Deadly Dunes by E. Michael Helms
(A Mac McClellan Mystery, #3)

DEADLY DUNES (A Mac McClellan Mystery #3)The coroner ruled it suicide, but Jessie knew her brother would never kill himself. He had too much to live for at the moment, discoveries to make, and history to uncover as an archaeologist. Jessie needed a good, honest and hard-working PI, someone she could trust, where else would she go but to Mac McClellan, retired soldier and investigator extraordinaire? Who knew that only hours later, Jessie would be found dead herself, in a supposed car accident? As they say, the plot thickens and Mac seems to be getting sucked into the middle of this quagmire of deceit, personal agendas and greed for the almighty dollar.

“X” marks the spot where an ancient explorer once camped with his men in the sixteenth century and that very “X” also marks the grounds about to be reincarnated as a high end resort on the beautiful gulf coast of Florida. Can mac sit back and let money trump history? Who would kill an archaeologist and make it look like suicide? The odds are stacked against Mac, but he doggedly trudges from one crumb to another in search of the truth, before he becomes a victim, himself.

E. Michael Helms is back with Deadly Dunes, another Mac McClellan mystery, filled with murder, mayhem and the sunny beaches of Florida. Part Southern Gentleman, part ex-Marine, and quite possibly part pit bull, Mac is still a force to be reckoned with when he gets hooked on a case. Is it his Southern Charm, his rough-edged appeal that makes him an amazing character? Perhaps it’s his wit and offbeat sense of humor that hides an old softy inside for the underdogs?

Whatever it is, E. Michael Helms has the perfect blend of action, suspense and mystery that is sure to grab anyone who like a semi-hard-boiled PI tale. Great dialogue, along with detailed scenes set the mood for every page, while the supporting cast only made Mac even more adorable…yes, I used the word adorable.

I received an ARC edition from E.Michael Helms in exchange for my honest review.

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