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Enslaved by N.W. Harris (The Last Orphans, #3)

by N.W. Harris

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Last Orphans
Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing (December 29, 2015)
Publication Date: December 29, 2015
Genre: YA | Survival
Print Length: 300 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

 If he loses her, he’ll lose his will to fight.

Shane and his friends survive the first major attack against the enemy, destroying the alien ships that came to harvest the children of Earth and turn them all into slaves. However, one ship escaped, and the aliens have captured Kelly. Shane will do whatever it takes to save her, but turning his back on his friends could jeopardize the whole mission.

The enemy invades Kelly’s mind, turning her into a slave soldier. She’ll follow their orders, even if it means murdering her friends, including her little sister and Shane. She is helpless, trapped inside her body while it performs heinous tasks under the direction of her new masters, while her sanity and desire to live fade.

Shane returns home to make a rescue attempt, only to find Kelly commanding an army of human slave soldiers, and she’s determined to make him join her ranks. Will Shane save Kelly before she gets to her sister, or will she help the enemy enslave the rest of humanity?

Enslaved by N.W. Harris (The Last Orphans, #3)

Enslaved  (The Last Orphans #3)In one of the best young adult science fiction, post-apocalyptic series out there with the ability to enthrall all ages and genders, N.W. Harris’ The Last Orphans has new addition! Enslaved continues the saga of what happens when all of the adults are gone and only the children remain.

Against all odds, one group under the leadership of Shane and his friends have stood against aliens attempting to “harvest” the children of Earth to be bound into slavery, empty slates to be programmed to fight and die for the aliens. These kids have shown superior bravery, terrified or not and have taken down a massive transport ship in the process, but their victory wasn’t complete, many of their own have been taken, including Kelly, who means more to Shane than just a valuable leader and asset. Kelly has Shane’s heart and he will do anything to get her back. But is his obsession with saving Kelly destroying the heart of his young warriors? Is it time for Shane to realize he cannot walk away from those who derive their strength from him, who look to him for guidance and a cool head amid the tsunami of uncertainty and loss? No, he didn’t ask for the role, but it is his, more pressure than anyone should have to shoulder and he needs to make a decision and live with the consequences.

While Kelly becomes another victim of the mind control of the aliens, her own strength of will and a special link between her and Shane may be key to setting the imprisoned children free or getting them killed. Are their dream conversations secure or could someone else be listening? Will Kelly betray those she once took a stand with? Another battle is in the offing, but the casualties of war are rising, human lives are being snuffed out long before their time. Once again, it is time to ask for the impossible or all will be lost.

When an author like N.W. Harris comes along who writes from the heart and is able to bring a “safe for all” tale to the table, filled with action, indecision and raw from-the-gut bravery, I say put it in the hands of young readers and start them on the road to new worlds. Ignite and fuel their imaginations, show them role models to identify with and put them in the middle of it all to live side by side in a world where invincibility of youth is their greatest asset. Mr. Harris knows how to set a stage, build (and destroy) a world and call upon his characters to rise above the rest while he breathes life into every page. Each addition to the series is top notch, each characters comes to life in every way as life gives them more than they can handle and they rebel at that thought and fight on, anyway.

I received an ARC edition from N.W. Harris in exchange for my honest review.

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