Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gathering Darkness: A Paranormal Romance Collection by Anna Zaires , Dima Zales, C.E. Black , Charlie Daye, Mina Carter , R.E. Butler , Sharon Kay & more

Gathering Darkness:
A Paranormal Romance Collection
by Anna Zaires & More

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: City Owl Press (November 10, 2015)
Publication Date: November 10, 2015
Available from: Amazon
There is a gathering on the horizon... It's a place where Vampires feed off your desires, Weres dominate you, Demons seduce you and Aliens whisk you away to fulfill fantasies you never knew you had. Where your darkest appetites are sated, leaving you weak and breathless... Come and join us as we lead you into the Gathering Darkness.

Stories included in this set:

Close Liasons  by Anna Zaires & Dima Zales

The Time Stopper  by Dima Zales

Shifted Undercover  by C.E. Black

Capturing Her Bear  by Charlie Daye

Bitten by Choice  by Izzy Szyn

Let The Fur Fly and Red's Wolf  by Jenika Snow

Walking Dead Girl  by Lili Saint Germain

Dragon's Chase  by Mina Carter

Zane (Were Zoo One)  by R.E. Butler

Captive's Kiss  by Sharon Kay
Gathering Darkness: A Paranormal Romance Collection 

Gathering Darkness: A Paranormal Romance CollectionTalk about a feast for the senses! Gathering Darkness is an amazing collection of tales from talented authors who know how to write! It’s like getting a twelve course meal and a bottle of champagne for the cost of a burger and medium soft drink! Do you like paranormal fantasy? Do you want to try different authors that may be unfamiliar to you? Here’s your chance to taste a slice of the owrlds these authors create. From gorilla shifters to bear shifters to hot aliens to Lash Demons, there are hours of fascinating reading, story by story, one bite at a time.
Did I have a favorite or two? Sure! Have I read work from these authors before? Most of them. Have I found a new author or two to be on the lookout for? Oh yes! Variety is the spice of life and these authors are a smorgasbord of great reading. From erotic to sweet to just plain fun reading, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Want the down and dirty from werewolf shifters? How about vampires?

Sharon Kay is back with one of her Lash Demons and the heat is rising.
An alien in disguise as a wealthy and commanding businessman sweeps a young virgin off her feet, but are his plans nefarious?

C.E. Black takes us on a honeymoon when two newlyweds discover they have been keeping some pretty big secrets from each other that just might have been useful to know prior to saying I do. How do they deal with the lies by omission?

These are just a few of the tales you will find and each is special in its own way. Some are short, some are longer…settle in and prepare to be entertained!

I received this copy in exchange for my honest review.

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