Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Love's Timeless Melody by Cindy Irish (The Bel Homme Quartet, #2)

Love's Timeless Melody
by Cindy Irish

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Bel Homme Quartet Book 2
Publication Date: November 4, 2015
Publisher: Enoch Publications LLC
Genre: Contemporary Romance | Paranormal
Print Length: 352 pages
Available from: Amazon
Opera gets magical!

The Bel Homme Quartet saga continues in Book #2 with this mystical standalone story…

British member Jamie Stratton joined the world famous pop-opera singing group called “Bel Homme” for one reason only: money. It’s a year later now, and he’s rolling in it. But Jamie also possesses a spiritual side he can’t deny. He was raised by his gran at the most legendary place on earth: Stonehenge. She manages the gift shop there, and Jamie grew up in the flat over the store. His grandmother is an eccentric old bird who reads her Tarot cards and predicts true love is coming into Jamie’s life.

Jessica Evans is an American psychic medium from Illinois who’s always believed in astral protection—but then she’s assaulted by a man who does devastating harm to her family. While she lies near death in a coma, she dreams of a stranger who is her destiny. When she finally wakes up and needs a safe place to heal, a hometown tie to the American member of Bel Homme gives her access to the group’s secure compound in Royal Tunbridge Wells, England.

That’s when Fate steps in and brings Jamie and Jessie together. But in the midst of their timeless romance, Jamie must deal with a crisis involving his grandmother while Jessie is once again confronted by her brutal attacker—and Jamie is the only one who can save her.

Love or money: which would you choose? It’s Jamie’s turn to decide.  

Love's Timeless Melody by Cindy Irish
(The Bel Homme Quartet, #2)

Love's Timeless Melody (The Bel Homme Quartet #2)Cindy Irish is back and so are her beautiful men with another heart-melting, heat infused romance where love trumps insecurity, money with the magical powers of Stonehenge and a gentle shove from Fate. Love’s Timeless Melody plucks the sweet chords of new love, taking chances giving it all for love.

Jamie is one quarter of the breathtaking Bel Homme quartet, the group taking the world by storm with their heavenly voices and lust-inducing bodies. Fan adoration is not his motive, Jamie works for the money. For Jamie, money is security, money is safety and with money he will never be the sad little boy he was. Growing up among the magical grounds of Stonehenge, how perfect that it was through the dreams of a comatose American psychic both of their lives would become like a fairytale dream come true.

Oh my! Cindy Irish had my heart melting once again, as she creates another magical tale of love for two deserving people who have so much but really only need one thing, love. Getting to know Jamie better was a priceless experience, to see his imperfections, his fears and his loneliness, no matter how big the crowds at his concerts were. Jessie has been through hell and back and to find the man of her dreams who was able to bring her back from the brink of death like an angel, is nothing short of pure magic! If you believe in the mystical powers of magic, myths and love, prepare to fall in love with the romance in Love’s Timeless Melody.

I received this copy from Cindy Irish in exchange for my honest review. I honestly will NEVER look at Opera the same, again!


  1. Dianne: I wish I had your talent for writing a beautiful summary! Thank you for loving my men. ~ Cindy Irish