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Saven: Deception by Siobhan Davis (The Saven Series - Book 1)

Saven: Deception
by Siobhan Davis

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Saven - Book 1
Publication Date: December 15, 2015
Publisher: Siobhan Davis
ISBN13 9780992930486
Genre: SciFi | Aliens | Romance
Print Length: 331 pages
Available from: Amazon
I’ve fallen hard for an alien, but he’s harboring secrets.
Massive ones that threaten the very essence of humanity.
How can I give him my heart when his race plans on taking my future?

Sadie Owens has been slowly dying inside. Bit by bit, piece by piece, day by day. Trapped in a life she hates, she relies on only one person—herself.

Despised by her family and betrayed by an unscrupulous government, Sadie dreams of a different life. When she is chosen to participate in the government’s new social experiment, she is ecstatic at the prospect of spending six months in Thalassic City, the shiny new city under the sea.

Immediately drawn to Logan Chandler, Sadie is captivated by the beautiful boy with the ocean-blue eyes. Logan seems to embody everything that has been forbidden, but he isn’t all he appears to be.

Confused over Logan’s true intentions and concerned when best friend Jenna starts transforming in front of her eyes, Sadie partners with newcomer Jarod in a bid to uncover the government’s real agenda. The truth is more shocking than anything she could ever have imagined.

When Sadie finally understands why the Saven walk among us, will it be too late to save her heart and the human race?

Saven: Deception by Siobhan Davis
(The Saven Series - Book 1)

Saven: DeceptionWhen will life possibly get better for Sadie? When will she have someone in her corner, someone to rely on? Sadie has only known hatred and betrayal, but when she is selected to be part of a social experiment, she has the opportunity of a lifetime, to spend six months under the sea, in a newly created city that promises wonders and life beyond compare. But is it just another thing that is too good to be true in her life?

Enter Logan, with his glorious looks, and commanding presence, is he all he seems to be, or is he toying with the affections of Sadie, luring her in like a spider luring a fly?

Something is fishy below the sea and Sadie, along with her new ally, Jarod go on the hunt to discover what is behind Thalassic City and the government’s true intentions behind this social experiment. Hang on tight, this ride is a face-paced and twisted journey that answers the question: “Are we the only lifeforms in the universe?” Will Sadie and Jarod uncover the truth behind Thalassic City? Will they live to warn the world that there may be no future to look forward to? is Jarod all he seems to be? Who can Sadie trust?

Have you ever found a person that seems to take over the controls of your brain? You do things you wouldn’t normally do, all the while thinking this is not me? If you find a person like this, run, as fast as you can! Saven: Deception by the brilliant Siobhan Davis proves beyond a doubt that Ms. Davis has a lot of creative tricks up her sleeve! Meet her characters, get to know them and start to care about them. Enter into her world, take a trip to the bottom of the sea, and feel what it’s like to shoot through the watery depths, knowing that one false move will make you food for the fishes. Gawk in awe of the beauty of a world that carefully mimics above the waves. Marvel at this fresh world that holds adventure, education and a hidden danger, from which there may be no escape. From start to finish, you’ll know you’ve found another hidden gem from the treasure trove in Siobhan Davis’ mind! About that finish, Ms. Davis has handled that with her signature style.

I received an ARC edition from Siobhan Davis in exchange for my honest review.

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