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Shifters in the Snow by Jacqueline Sweet and more! (15 Paranormal Romances)

Shifters in the Snow
by Amanda Jones

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: December 1, 2015
Publisher: Sizzle and Steam Publishing
ISBN: 151918459X
Genre: Paranormal Romance Anthology
Print Length: 744 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

A Honeybear Christmas by Jacqueline Sweet
When the Morrissey brothers and their mates gather for a Christmas day cook-off, nothing goes according to plan, and the untimely arrival of the Winter Witch threatens to ruin not just their dinner, but all of Bearfield.

Bears in Wonderland by Amanda Jones
Wonderland Valley used to be a peaceful place for alpha Patrick Ravenmore, but no longer. Someone has kidnapped his fated mate, Cat, and Patrick is imprisoned. He makes a deal with the devil to be freed, and when he finds Cat, she has no memory of him or the life they lived together. Can Patrick convince Cat that he is her fated mate?

Grizzly Bell Rock by Cynthia Fox
When the feisty O'Reilly sisters, Gracie and Catherine, travel over the river and through the woods straight into Mistletoe Hollow and its population of shifters, Two hunky shopkeepers show them the best Christmas presents come with four legs and fur.

How the Bear Stole Christmas by Claire Ryann
When an opportunity to run a friend's coffee shop for the winter season lands Andi in the path of the surly man that the locals call "the Grinch" will she be able to see beneath his gruff exterior to discover that the California Grizzly never really went extinct?

New Year Wolf by J.K. Harper
Caleb Bardou is a fighter at heart. When he was justifiably stripped of his Pack Guardian status, it knocked him out cold. But with his hard-won mate, Rielle, now by his side, Caleb forges a promising new path--until his arch nemesis threatens to take the shine off Caleb and Rielle's bright new year.

Before the Hunt by J.M. Klaire
When a wolf shifter with commitment issues teams up with a runaway bride to find her a new groom, the claws come out and the fur flies.

Bearing the Freeze by Christa Kelley
Polar bear shifter Gage Weston, known to the world as the Paranormal Problem-Solver, returns to his hometown to face down the one problem he could never solve: Mending Lily Tisdale's broken heart.

The Cowbear's Secret Christmas Baby by Liv Brywood
Forced to hunt down the cowboy shifter who broke her heart, Rachel must convince Brady to help her save the dying son he never knew existed.

The Alpha Warlock Shifter's Gift (An Alpha Warlock of Kala West Short) by Auriella Skye
It's Christmas time in Kala West, but with werewolf Danika being forced to marry a stranger and half-breed Blaine's out-casting from the warlock community, they aren't in the holiday spirit. When the two realize their past connection to each other, even Florida won't be a match for the magical heat between them.

Winter Solstice by Gen GĂ©ricault
On the longest, darkest day of the year, magic sizzles the snow between cursed bear shifter Clayton Afters and his witchy true mate, Clementine Weatherspoon--but the winter solstice is full of surprises for this fated pair.

The Panther's Runaway Surrogate by Alyse Zaftig
Surrogate Devanta is on the run, but the baby's father, a billionaire panther shifter, won't rest until he catches her.

Bear Naked for Christmas by Edith Hawkes
Christmas in the arms of a handsome stranger, with a furry secret, wasn't on Katie's wishlist, but she sure wasn't going to say no and return him!

Jingle Bell Howl by Misha Carver
When reckless Laney Reynolds defies her parents and steals her mother's car to go on a ski trip for Christmas vacation, things spiral out of control quickly. Will Nate, the handsome and charming billionaire wolf shifter be able to save her from herself as well as the forces that threaten to harm her?

Snow Leopard Mountain by Suki Selborne
When workaholic executive assistant Cadence takes a business trip to Aspen, she never expected to find herself a suspect in a kidnapping -- or to be swept off her feet by Sawyer, a hot snow leopard shifter who might just know how to make her dreams come true.

Found by Olivia Arran
When Alpha Adam Colstone escapes to his winter cabin for some much needed solitude and relaxation, rescuing a voluptuous she-wolf from frostbite was definitely not part of his plan. Waking up in the arms of a sizzling hot stranger, Claire Kendal thought all her Christmases had come at once...but she had to keep on running-didn't she?

 Shifters in the Snow by Jacqueline Sweet and more!
(15 Paranormal Romances)

Shifters in the Snow (15 Paranormal Romances of Winter Wolves, Merry Bears, & Holiday Spirits)Light a fire, snuggle up in your favorite reading chair and disappear into the world of the paranormal, where shifters exist, love can be found, harts can be broken and mended again. Is it the magic of the season that makes each tale a heartwarming read? Is it the sensual spice that warms our blood?

Fifteen tales of romance, from a lonely, cursed bear to the bear who stole Christmas to the grizzlies in Mistletoe Hollow, I found humor, a touch of sadness and lots of newfound love and romance! Imagine two bear shifters, selling mistletoe meeting up with two human sisters in desperate need of tons of mistletoe pronto! Yep, lots of kissing going on, for sure!

But bears aren’t the only ones who need love, wolves do, too…and runaway brides, panthers and even leopards, who knows maybe love will change a leopard’s spots! Not everything is sugar and spice, as one shifter discovers a lack of communication and broken hearts have almost stolen one of life’s most precious gifts.

Perfect reading, taking one story at a time, knowing here are more to follow! Together these authors have created magic, romance and freed our imaginations to fall into each story for a quick escape into fantasy! There isn't one story that didn't make me smile in the end, not one story that didn't have my complete attention! Best of all! Each story is unique to the author's style! Kind of like getting a 15 course meal for the price of an appetizer and no calories!!

I received this copy in exchange for my honest review.

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