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Sisters of Sorrow by Axel Blackwell

Sisters of Sorrow
by Axel Blackwell

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: April 24, 2015
Publisher: Axel Blackwell
Genre: YA Historical Fiction | Supernatural
Print Length: 306 pages
Available From: Amazon
Anna Dufresne lives in a factory that eats children. If the brutal machines don't kill Anna, her guardians' neglect and abuse probably will. The only thing this abandoned teen wants is out. But the factory is inside a stone fortress, on an island, where people are sent to be forgotten. It serves as a dumping ground -- both for orphans who are not welcome at finer institutions, and for nuns who have disgraced the Church. The walls of Saint Frances du Chantal's Orphan Asylum hum with secrets and buried scandal.

In the catacombs below the factory, something long dead, something almost forgotten, stirs. It offers Anna a key, and promises freedom, if she will seek it out when she escapes. She knows her plan will endanger the other children, but Anna cannot resist the call of freedom.

Her escape attempt triggers a chain reaction of chaos, shaking the orphanage to its foundation and laying bare its deadly secrets. As Anna flees into the night, she discovers that the evil nuns were the least of her worries. The swirling mist of the island hides terrors more dangerous than she could ever imagine.

Sisters of Sorrow by Axel Blackwell

Sisters of SorrowWhere do the people we don’t want to think about go, the orphans without a home, or a pedigree worthy of being adopted for? In the early twentieth century, they went to the “blessed” Saint Frances du Chantal’s Orphan Asylum, a last resort, where children are lost to the horrors of events within the stone walls and nobody has to know or care. Under the less than loving care of the sinister nuns, starved, beaten and forced to earn the smallest of human kindnesses by risking life and limb in a shoe factory, these children know only that one false step, one human error can mean the difference between survival and death by exposure, starvation or disease. Only the tentative bonds they form among themselves give them any sense of value or comfort. All Anna wanted was to be free and she was determined to gain her freedom any way possible. Little did she know she was making a deal with an unnatural evil entity when she is offered her freedom from a strange voice of another. Desperate times call for desperate measures and the events that unfold are something for campfire stories, something dark, something deadly that will make one jump at things that go bump in the night.

Anna has already learned that the nuns were evil, what could possibly be worse? Anna was about to find out…

Welcome to Axel Blackwell’s Sisters of Sorrow and the not quite living nightmare that lurks in the catacombs beneath the orphanage from hell. Prepare to be chilled, to be uneasy, to be horrified and to meet Anna, a young girl with a keen sense of survival and the heart to risk it all to save as many a she can. Truly a victim of more than bad luck, Anna gets caught up in a piece of magic gone wrong and the madness and mayhem it has created. What is unveiled will unleash chaos in a world already far too brutal to its young victims. How it ends is up to Anna, the girl who only wanted a better life.

Axel Blackwell has shredded each page with a consuming blackness, sense of foreboding and disgust that will rivet the reader to every word. His use of descriptive scenes will bring out all of the gore, the brutality and the fear faced by these orphans as he weaves a very bleak tale into a canvas of horrific proportions! Prepare to be led through a dark and dramatic tale, but enter at your own risk because evil lurks all around.

I received this copy from Axel Blackwell in exchange for my honest review.

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