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Someone will be eating Godiva Truffles while reading Wonderfully Wicked, thanks to C.J. Burright!

She’s an ordinary girl with a nightmare problem...or is she?

 Never one to follow the herd,
CJ Burright
Has as Wickedly Delightful Giveaway

One Copy of Wonderfully Wicked - Winner's Choice - eBook or Print!
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Godiva Truffles 

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To all of our fellow Truffle Lovers, thank you for sharing your comments ~ they were fabulous and for helping spread the word about Wonderfully Wicked!

A very special thanks to C.J. Burright for a brilliant read and a SWEET giveaway
Wonderfully Wicked
by C.J. Burright

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Dreamcaster Series - Book 1
Publication Date: October 27, 2015
Publisher: C.J. Burright
Genre: Paranormal Urban Fantasy
Print Length: 268 pages
Available from: Amazon


She’s an ordinary girl with a nightmare problem

For as long as she can remember, Kalila Montgomery has been tormented by creatures from her nightmares. Doomed to a solitary life with a herd of cats, she’s determined to go down fighting. Until the man of her dreams—literally—kidnaps her and claims to know a cure. If only she believed him…

He’s not your average supernatural hero

Lydon v’al Endrian will stop at nothing to be free of the V’alkara, a dangerous brotherhood who feed on dreams. But the key to his freedom, sassy dreamcaster Kalila, might be his toughest challenge yet. No matter how much she protests, he intends to keep her safe from the V’alkara…even if it requires the ultimate sacrifice.

Their love is forbidden

Now on the run with a man she can’t quite trust or resist, Kalila must decide—fight for her dream of a normal life? Or embrace a power she doesn’t want to save Lydon?


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