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The Apostates by Lars Teeney (The Apostates, #1)

The Apostates
by Lars Teeney

My rating: 5 stars Favorite

Series: The Apostates - Book 1
Publication Date: July 20, 2015
Publisher: Lars Teeney
Genre: Dark Post-Apocalyptic
Print Length: 615 pages
Available from: Amazon
New Megiddo has been born out of the ashes of America, an America that has sacrificed liberty for security. Ravaged by environmental disaster and shuttered off from the rest of the world by border fortress walls, and the strict dogma of spiritual leader, The Reverend Wilhelm Wainwright, the people take small comfort from the sermons the Reverend delivers straight to the people's minds via the [Virtue-Net]. However, the President John W. Schrubb Administration has been losing its grip on power. Murmurs and rumors of a resistance group of Apostates emanate from "Database" dens in the slums, financed by a mysterious source, are said to be scheming to free the people. Will the Apostates strike in time before the Born Again Gathering ushers in a state-induced Armageddon?

The Apostates by Lars Teeney (The Apostates, #1)

The Apostates (#1)You think you’ve read every type of apocalyptic dystopian drama? Think there is nothing that could possibly be different, more intense, more detailed and downright horrific? Trust me, Lars Teeney has cut no corners to bring his tale to life. The Apostates has more angles, more subplots and more fiercely heroic rebels striking back at the Regime and the twisted and fouled religious sects then I have ever seen! Mr. Teeney has bravely delved into politics, religion, war and science fiction, pulling it altogether into one amazing and magnetic read!

America is gone, through greed, pollution, or self-indulgence. In its place is the governmental chokehold of New Megiddo and the spiritual chokehold of one deranged “holy leader” claiming the time is coming for Armageddon. Instead of televisions for the nightly news, the population has been fitted with internal Virtue Net devices that not only allow every word of propaganda to flow into their heads, but allows each individual to be tracked…think “Big Brother is watching” on steroids. Enter an unknown source, providing the tools to resurrect an army of free-thinking individuals who are free of the control of the masses, and I do mean resurrected, enhanced and willing to fight for the freedoms America was founded on. Their awakening into a new life is difficult, but to embrace their mission, they take on new names, no Tom, Dick, or Harrys, here. They say names are power, must be true. Follow the Apostates as they attempt to come together from points unknown to overthrow the oppressive regime and twisted religious zealots who are anything but saintly.

Lars Teeney as spared no one who is “different,” no race, no sexual preference, no religious beliefs, as he paints a dark and sinister world. The bold strokes of his pen are rapier sharp as battle come to life, heroes die and others question their own ability at such a large undertaking when the masses have been cowed into submission. Meet people you will loath, people you wish you could stand with and ideologies that will grind in your gut. Just the length of this tome is impressive and when you finish it, you will see why, as this world comes to life in all of its hideous glory in the battle of freedom versus oppression in a world twisted by the need for more power and control.

I walked away with my head spinning as scenes re-played in my mind. Authors like Lars Teeney and books like The Apostates is why I read and willingly re-read. I want to be mesmerized, I want to live in the tale, I want brains versus brawn and all of the emotions that war within, too.

Highly highly highly recommended!

I received this copy from Lars Teeney in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Cool cover and I love the looks of this one. Glad you enjoyed it.

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