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The Cabin by B.A. Sherman

The Cabin
by B.A. Sherman

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: November 10, 2015
Publisher: B.A. Sherman
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Print Length: 76 pages
Available from: Amazon
Herman Jones is a mild-mannered boy who has spent most of his youth in his bedroom fixing up old T.V.'s and other electronics, fighting for his place in his predominantly outdoor family. It was no surprise to those who knew Herman, that he got a full college scholarship to the School of Mines in South Dakota where he meets his first and only love. Joan is a Psychology major and they marry soon after college. They move to Cheyenne, Wyoming, and start their life—a good life at first—but something is slithering underneath it all. Joan seems to turn—turn into something that she has studied and vowed to help. The marriage starts to dwindle, and Joan seems to be spending more time at work than she is at home. Weird things pop up in and around the marriage that Herman can’t explain and then the unspeakable happens: Herman catches Joan doing something that he would have never believed could ever happen in their relationship. Herman loses it, and in a rage, escapes to a cabin for a couple of days to cool off. While at the cabin in the middle of a bad snow storm, something eerie happens. The large fireplace that was just roaring with a fire disappears and a doorway slides in its place. After mustering up the courage, he enters the door, and is truly horrified to hear the muffled screams coming up from down the cement steps. Slow courage sets in as he slowly descends his way to a light source at the bottom of the stairs and finds something so horrifying that even he can’t believe is happening. Find out what happens to Herman Jones. Does he make it out of The Cabin alive—or does something else happen to him?

The Cabin by B.A. Sherman

The CabinMarriage takes work, right? For better or for worse, ‘til death do us part and all that. For the uber nerd, electronics geek and wishy-washy Herman Jones, his marriage to the woman of his dreams was quickly turning into a living nightmare as she turned into Jekyll and Hyde and he never knew what would set her off. As a psychologist, she should know if she had a problem, right? Their rollercoaster marriage derailed one eventful night when Herman came home early and found Joan upstairs in their bedroom, and she wasn’t alone. For the first time he took a stand and left with nowhere to go, but The Cabin a retreat offered by a renowned psychologist.

Charming and rustic, it offered Herman freedom to reflect and the solitude to give him the courage to be himself. What he didn’t expect to find was a secret passage that led to a future he never expected.

B.A. Sherman has created the ultimate in characters without a spine, a well-meaning man who never received the praise he needed to emotionally develop to feel any self-worth. Joan had no redeeming qualities, but ran roughshod over Herman with brutal words. Was there a reason for her actions? Was Herman her enabler or did she have a darker and more devious agenda? You’ll feel uncomfortable, you’ll feel anger and you will be shocked as the truth is revealed in The Cabin.

I received this copy from B.A. Sherman in exchange for my honest review.

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