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The King's Rock by Alan Black (An Ozark Mountain Series, #6)

The King's Rock 
by Alan Black

My rating: 5 stars

Series: An Ozark Mountain series - Book 6
Publication Date: December 16, 2015
Publisher: Alan Black
Genre: Historical Christian Fiction
Print Length: 161 pages
Available from: Amazon
LillieBeth is determined to find the men responsible for stealing her horses, to stop them and make them pay.

Leota Wikoff finds refuge from her abusive father with LillieBeth Hazkit. Embarrassed by her past and her recent actions, she speaks without thinking and offers to go with her new protector to the edge of the Ozark Mountains, back to her hated Arkansas to hunt down and stop a ring of horse thieves. Leota’s only tether is the tenuous link to her new boss and the odd collection of outcasts LillieBeth gathers around her. Can Leota overcome her own selfish ways and find a tether to the biggest anchor of all?

The King's Rock by Alan Black
(An Ozark Mountain Series, #6)

The King's RockAlan Black brings LillieBeth Hazkit’s tale to an end with the final book of the series, The King’s Rock. After watching LillieBeth grow up, this is a bittersweet finale, but perfectly timed, because she is now an adult, still set in her ways, not very flexible and on a mission that could be her last in life as she knows it. LillieBeth’s horses have been stolen and she is determined to retrieve them and bring the thieves to justice. With a reluctant Leota at her side, their journey will take them back to Arkansas, the place Leota ran from to escape the clutches of her father. Will the journey give Leota the strength to face her fears and the man who has made her life a living hell? Will LillieBeth show Leota the kind of trust and faith she so sorely needs to grow as a person? Will they find and retrieve the horses without unnecessary bloodshed? How far will LillieBeth go for justice?

Life is always in flux and LillieBeth’s is now at a crossroads as she must determine which path to follow and listen carefully to what her heart is telling her. This is her time, these are her decisions to make, will she make the right ones? Her future lay in the balance, as do the futures of those she cares about…

Alan Black made me feel good about saying goodbye to LillieBeth, not “happy” good, but assured that she is on the right path for the rest of her life and has also pointed the way for those she has called friend. Mr. Black slips into the voice of LillieBeth and has given her a hard-headed personality, limited filters for her thoughts and a strength of character that few could rival. His ability to create a world that breathes will have his readers walking the dusty roads, feeling the raw heat and humidity and believing you are there in the Ozark Mountains of the early twentieth century. This is a series that will stay with me for a long time to come!

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