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When Separate Worlds Collide: Books One and Two by Izzibella Beau

When Separate Worlds Collide:
Books One and Two
by Izzibella Beau

My rating: 5 stars

Series: When Separate Worlds Collide - Books 1 & 2
Publication Date: November 12, 2015
Publisher: Izzibella Beau
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 400 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
In the first book, Revelations, you will meet a group that aren’t just your everyday ordinary townsfolk. In West lakes, there are packs, covens, vampire families, and groups of seers that are always at odds with one another. What happens when two totally different people from two separate worlds collide? This is the story of Zach and Emily, their family, their friends, and what happens when the truth finally becomes known and love might not be able to save them. Welcome to West Lakes, a place where your friends and family may not be who they seem. This is a world where it’s not the dark you should be afraid of, but what could be waiting for you inside that darkness – that’s what should terrify you the most.
In the second book, Seasons of Change, you’ve learned all about Zach, Emily, and all their friends and family. But the real fun and complications that encompass their lives has just begun.
Changes are coming to West Lakes. Zach and Emily, Jacob and Madison, and Danny and Alex are destined mates. But, what is the reason for having such high ranked and powerful supernaturals coming together all at the same time?
Zach has found out who and what Emily is—will he still love her and want to be the mate of the one he was trained to hunt and kill? Emily and Zach have their love, but it may not be enough to amend for the past and prepare them for their future.
Jacob and Madison are followed by a darkness that will do anything and everything to keep them apart. As close as they are, these two are driven farther apart by circumstances they have no control over. Is this the end before it even began?
Alex and Danny are the stable minded couple of the group, but that is all about to change. Alex’s powers of being a seer are becoming more potent. Will Danny be able to save Alex from her own abilities or will the pressure placed on her to save everyone else become too much?
Season of Change will alter the world of the paranormals as they know it. Will the black magic enchantresses and Orfeo’s family of vampires be able to overcome those of white magic, shape shifters, and seers? So much has already happened, and yet so much more is yet to come that will make us believe that being of the mundane world is a much safer place.

 When Separate Worlds Collide: Books One and Two 
by Izzibella Beau 

Do you know what’s better than an awesome paranormal read? Getting TWO books under one cover! Better than a double-stuffed Oreo, yes, really! Izzibella Beau’s When Separate Worlds Collide: Books 1 & 2 is a brilliant way to enjoy a fresh, new take on the paranormal.

West Lakes is a city of diversity. Werewolves, vampires, witches and seers live in a tense peace, it takes little to destroy that peace, but what is happening now will do more than ruffle a few feathers! Times are changing, the races are changing and it’s time for the citizens of West Lake to learn to play nice, as their young find love instead of making war. What is going on with brother weres, Zach, Jacob and Danny? Why are they finding their mates while still in high school? This is unheard of and the mates they find are not of their kind, yep, trouble is brewing right here in West Lakes. How can a were and a vampire, a were and a witch or a were and a seer find love and acceptance when their very relationships are causing tempers and tensions to rise?

Zach and Emily are the tip of the proverbial iceberg of change and West Lakes will never be the same! When secrets are revealed, can love conquer all or is there something else going on that no one can explain? Born natural enemies, Zach has trained to kill those like Emily, but Fate is having a field day by making her his fated mate. But wait! There’s more!

Something is going on between Jacob and Madison that belies their antagonistic attitudes. Is it true that love and hate are the closest emotions? Will Jacob’s reputation as a love ‘em and leave ‘em player break the fragile romantic detente these two have formed?

Meanwhile, Danny and Alex are in love, they know they are mates and they are two halves of one whole, but Alex’s powers are coming on line and she may be her own biggest threat. Will their love be cut off at the knees when Danny tries to keep his mate safe?

Will the boys’ father, the Alpha find a solution or will it take more level heads to prevail? Maybe it’s time to learn to play nice together, but convincing the town may not be easy. There is more at stake than young love…

Whoa! Izzabella Beau has definitely created a collision of worlds! Imagine two trains coming at each other on one track, the daring of youth and the authority of age and power! The secrets, the revelations, the love, all easily understood by our youthful characters, who, by the way are each uniquely amazing! The “adults” on the other hand may need a little push, except for Emily’s aunt, who is clearly a closet rebel at heart! A magnetic read with non-stop action between characters, great world building and a few tricks to teach the old dogs, great older YA reading on up! Fun and definitely entertaining!

I received a review copy from Izzibella Beau in exchange for my honest review.

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