Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wick by Matt Doyle (The Spark Form Chronicles Book 1)

by Matt Doyle

My Rating: 5 Fascinating Stars

Publisher: Matt Doyle
Publication Date: August 1, 2015
Genre: Science Fiction | Dystopian
Print Length: 239 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

 How do you define a life?

With overblown visuals, stunning entrances and bloody battles played out in real time by holograms, Spark Forming has become far more than a simple card game. Drawing in fans from across the Colonies, no other sporting event creates a bigger buzz than the annual two day tournament to crown a new Spark Form World Champion. Yet the scramble for the title is not the only source of conflict this year, and for some competitor’s the real battles will take place away from the TV cameras.

What defines a person’s life and drives them to keep moving forward? When a game grows to reflect a society struggling to hang on, are some lives more valid than others? Can an AI ever truly be alive?

Find out in Matt Doyle’s genre bending Slice of Life / Science Fiction series, The Spark Form Chronicles.

Wick by Matt Doyle

WickLet the games begin! Welcome to the annual two day Spark Form World Championship where survival of the fiercest, baddest holograms may be in the luck of the cards! Be amazed as the crowd watches the masterminds behind the warriors plan their strategy and hope that lady luck will smile on them. In a world filled with turmoil, the crowds crave an escape and Spark Forming delivers in full dimensional and bloody color. The last AI standing gains the crown for their creator, but is the competition and the battle only on the arena floor or is there something deeper going on backstage? Old favorites versus champions versus the brash newcomers take the challenge for their own reasons, but what are they? The show must go on as the struggles of each player reflects the struggles of life in a world gone awry.

Matt Doyle’ Wick is part social commentary, part science fiction and 100% fascinating reading as we are introduced to each character with a full chapter to meet, greet and get to know what propels them to begin or continue competing year after year. Is it all they know? How they find value in their lives? Have they gotten so lost within their creations that they have lost a sense of humanity? Mr. Doyle gives us a multitude of personalities to root for from laid back and seemingly indifferent to agitated and angry twitchiness. Share each character’s POV and crawl inside their minds to get to know them better. Whether one can actually understand what truly makes each individual tick is a matter of perception, and the joy of being turned loose in a new world with a brilliant promise of more of everything.

Are you a dyed-in-the-wool science fiction fan? Love to explore unique worlds or just looking for something fresh and edgy to sink your teeth into, Matt Doyle has a fresh voice, a complicated voice that brings the entertainment right to your door and plops you down in front row seats to watch both in the arena and behind the scenes. Pick your favorite AI, your favorite competitor and place your bets-may the odds and the computer cards be in your favor.

Fast, furious, populated with characters that come to life, feel the excitement as the clock counts down for this year’s Spark Form World Championship and forget your cares for a few hours!

I received this copy from Matt Doyle in exchange for my honest review.

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