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A Distant Voice by Bridie Blake

A Distant Voice
by Bridie Blake

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Evernight Teen
Publication Date: October 14, 2015
ISBN-10: 1772335622
ISBN-13: 978-1772335620
Genre: YA Fiction
Paperback: 260 pages
Available from: Amazon
In life you don’t find your voice. It finds you.

Violet Hayes knows how to survive the year living with her grandmother in the small town of Wandorah, Tennessee.

• Make Rose happy
• Don’t sing or play guitar
• Avoid Sally Shaw
• Ignore Carter Jenkins

It seems simple enough, right? Wrong.

• How do you keep a depressed sister happy?
• How do you deny yourself your dream?
• How do you avoid a friendship?
• And how do you ignore a boy when he’s everywhere you turn?

Violet’s to-do list just became a whole lot harder.  

A Distant Voice by Bridie Blake

A Distant VoiceWe can't go back, but we can move forward...What does a teen do after her life has been completely shredded, uprooted and is now on a downhill freefall through the brambles of life, young love and the desire to be “normal?” Violet can barely remember the last time she actually felt happy, carefree and loved participating in life. She is the self-appointed backbone of her family, the strong one, the one who tries to make up for non-existent shortcomings and the only friend her sister has. Whatever Rose wants, Violet will do, after all she owes her depressed sister for a perceived debt. Heaven knows her absent father isn’t about to help and her mother has been part alcohol induced zombie, part recluse since her father walked out on them.

Rose was the pretty one, the smart one, the one every guy wanted and every girl wanted to be like, and she was kind, understanding and the best big sister a girl could have. Her fall into deep depression meant it was Violet’s turn to be the “big sister” and she took it to heart, going as far as forsaking her dreams and suffering within for the sake of others.

When they had moved to Grandma’s from the big city to Smalltown, America, violet struggled to maintain her distance from everyone, even if it meant constantly showing her prickly side, but two people ignored that part of her and one broke down every barrier she had devised. Violet was feeling young love for the first time with class all around great guy, Carter and she almost let herself forget Rose, even if it was just for a couple of hours, but she knew that was all it took to let Rose down. How can Violet ignore her heart, hurt the boy that means so much to her without letting her sister down again?

Bridie Blake’s A Distant Voice follows Violet through the devastation that depression can wreak on anyone near the victim, how the mental and emotional nightmare can destroy the strongest of humans, relationships and lives while causing guilt to build in those closest to them. How that guilt manifests is unique to each person affected. Follow Violet’s journey through the shadow of guilt, loss and the inability to let go and move on. Violet is actually a very endearing character, her emotions are not hidden from the readers, just those around her. And Carter? Let’s just say my first impression wasn’t a real good one, but he has his own demons to fight and when he let his guard down, he was exactly what violet needed, if only she would let him in, completely.

Ms. Blake has written a powerful tale of a painful journey that could very well be real. Each character is well-developed, unique and feels life like in the world she has built for them. Some are quirky, some are sad, some are adorable, just like in real life. Bridie Blake shows us that it is okay to live, love and laugh, to own who we are and to feel each moment to the fullest. Grab a few tissues, Ms. Blake is going to break your heart, raise your blood pressure and make you sigh. That is good writing!

I received this copy from Bridie Blake in exchange for my honest review.


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