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Alpha's Christmas Flame by A.J. Tipton (Bear Shifter Billionaire, Book 4)

Alpha's Christmas Flame
by AJ Tipton

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Bear Shifter Billionaire - Book 4
Publication Date: December 14, 2015
Publisher: A.J. Tipton
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 64 pages
Available from: Amazon
When a beautiful bear shifter and a sexy fireman come together, the holidays get ho ho hot!

The brilliant bear shifter Donna Mechka has spent her life trying to live up to her wealthy family's expectations. When a human ex-firefighter, Dean, walks into the lobby of her hotel on Christmas Eve, it seems she might have found the man of her dreams. But when Dean's investigations bring him closer to discovering the hotel's magical secrets, Donna must decide which is more important: her career or her budding love.

Dean Michaelson once loved Christmas, but no longer. When his new job as a fire inspector takes him to the ice hotel where Donna works, he fears he's stumbled upon a nuclear deathtrap. When he suspects the lusciously curvy manager, Donna, is hiding the truth, Dean has no choice but to investigate on his own, unaware he is entering an underworld of danger and magic. Will the attraction building between Dean and Donna be extinguished before it has a chance to spark?

This paranormal romance for adults includes brave pixies, shouldering strip-poker, and a firefighter romance that’s too hot to handle.

This STANDALONE novella is part of the "Bear Shifter Billionaire" series which can be read in any order. There are no cliffhangers, and each short ends as it should: happily ever after.  

Alpha's Christmas Flame by A.J. Tipton (Bear Shifter Billionaire, Book 4)

Not only is it Christmas time at the Wondernasium Ice Hotel, but it is also time for the annual fire safety inspection, the bane of many business owners. When a new inspector shows up from the fire department, Donna a beautiful bear shifter will have her paws full trying to keep the flaming hot, ex-firefighter Dean from seeing what is really going on at the supernatural hotel.

As Dean decides to go off and do his own inspection without an escort, what to his wondering eyes should appear but an electrical room full of magic and no explanation near. When a supernaturally induced fire really breaks out, there will be no hiding the truth, just when Donna thinks she has found the man of her dreams. How will Donna cover for this huge gaff on her part? Come on, really? Hot single firefighter who has seen too much of her world, a friendly game of strip poker is in order, of course!

Leave it to A.J. Tipton to bring the joy of the Holiday Season to life in the world of the supernaturals and the humans they meet, all while giving us a few Ho ho ho’s and enough sexual tension to ignite an iceberg! Alpha’s Christmas Flame is a delightfully heart-warming read, no matter the season! Besides, any guy who can make fire engine boxers look hot, deserves to be read about!

I received this copy from A.J. Tipton in exchange for my honest review.

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