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Candy Crumble by Shannyn Leah (The McAdams Sisters 3.5 - A Lakeshore Candy Novella)

Candy Crumble (The McAdams Sisters, #3.5
by Shannyn Leah

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The McAdams Sisters - Book 3.5
Publication Date: February 14, 2016
Publisher: Carlex Ruby Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 102 pages
Available from: Amazon
Abby McAdams’ Gran has just died and she is not coping well. Why can’t her sisters just leave her alone so she can grieve in peace? And why can’t she sleep through the night anymore? To quell the chaos inside her, Abby turns to alcohol – just like her dad. But the quiet and closed off new guy in town, Riley, intrigues her. She feels comfortable in his presence and her tension seems to dissolve when he’s around. Riley’s quiet demeanor calms her nerves like no drink can. But Riley keeps his walls up, punishing himself for past mistakes.

Will Abby continue drinking to forget, becoming an alcoholic like her father, or will she turn to Riley instead to find her peace? And will Riley let her into his life, or turn his back on her forever?

Candy Crumble, Book #3.5 is a prequel novella to Lakeshore Candy. Get a glimpse into the lives of Abby McAdams and Riley Boyd before their romance began. Can be read BEFORE or AFTER Lakeshore Candy. The story about a growing friendship and can be read as a Stand Alone.  

Candy Crumble by Shannyn Leah
(The McAdams Sisters 3.5 - A Lakeshore Candy Novella)

Candy Crumble (The McAdams Sisters, #3.5Contemporary romance has bleak pasts, previous entanglements, and second chances, because most everyone deserves a second chance at real love. This time Shannyn Leah does things a little differently. Candy Crumble is about a couple before their romance actually blooms. The prequel to Lakeshore Candy brings Abby McAdams into the spotlight of “pre-love” at a time when life is kicking her around from all directions and she is flailing about trying to find firm ground and balance. Abby is not the put-together woman that her sisters are and the bottom of a glass reflects another problem she has.

There’s a new guy in town, a reclusive, gruff man, Riley and his mysterious and standoffish ways are like a flashing beacon to Abby. Riley has a past he wants to forget and reaching out to this troubled woman is not something he is comfortable with, and yet …
He has tweaked her curiosity and she becomes determined to find out what makes this man tick and why he has her all wound up. Face it, everyone needs a friend and these two seem destined to at least be that.

Once again, Shannyn Leah has created a sweet read in her own unique way, spotlighting that backstory we never actually read about! Two people, adrift and hurting, find a common ground in friendship, can it grow into something more?

I received an ARC edition from Shannyn Leah in exchange for my honest review.

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