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Falaha's Journey Into Pleasure by Jeno Marz (Falaha's Journey #3.5)

Falaha's Journey Into Pleasure
by Jeno Marz

My rating: 3.5 stars

Series: Falaha's Journey - Book 3.5
Publisher: Jeno Marz
Publication Date: April 27, 2015
Genre: Scifi | Erotica
Print Length: 314 pages
Available from: Amazon


Publisher's Note: This serial novel includes graphic sexual scenes (M/F, MFM, M/M, MMFM), polyamory, and light elements of BDSM.

An EXPANSION SET for Falaha’s Journey: A Spacegirl’s Account in Three Movements (Falaha’s Journey Books 1-3); combined into a full serial novel in a single volume (Falaha’s Journey Book 3.5).

Falaha has grown and her transformation also encompasses a transition from a young girl into a young woman. This is an explicit, at times graphic, story of a young woman exploring the depths of pleasure, of mind, body and heart. But she isn’t going on that journey alone…

Vol­ume Con­tents:

Pro­logue: Wel­come to Adult­hood (Episode #1)
Seven years have passed since the war ended. Commander now has her hands and head full with social, household and ship matters. Her loyal first spouse has to do something to help her release steam… and to remind her with a stern yet loving hand that she has entered adulthood.

Part One: This Lonely, Lonely Space­man (Episode #2)
Nine years have passed since the war ended. Commander has her hands and head full with social, household and ship matters, finding comfort and burning passion in the arms of her insatiable first spouse. Now his father has returned from the Hunter clean-up… to a conspiracy of epic proportions that threatens Commander’s peace and Orewen’s courtship plans.

Part Two: The Man in a Box (Episode #3)
Kinky, inappropriately funny and strictly immodest, one mountain man’s journey to enlightenment.
Deep in the Kjrrn Mountains of Medas, a certain young man runs away from himself… only to find he is face to face with a mysterious massive creature that walks the mountains on misty nights and is somehow tied to his existence. The encounter forces the young man to look for the creature and seek out the answers its emergence may hold
Falaha’s Journey Into Pleasure is a story of recovery, family life, spicy romance and sex, with more insights into the Danna culture and personalities of the characters, also things left unexplored, and side questions left unanswered in the main book. This is a precious time of peace before another calamity.

Length: approx. 71 000 words.
Falaha's Journey Into Pleasure by Jeno Marz
(Falaha's Journey #3.5)  

Falaha's Journey Into Pleasure (Falaha's Journey, #3.5)Are you prepared for the sexcapades of graphic proportions? All consensual, all graphic and with an emphasis on love, enjoying sexuality and pushing the boundaries of comfort, in essence, freeing one’s inner self to do what feels right. I have to say, author Jeno Marz knows how to push the envelope of comfort as she brings more tales of Falaha to life in almost 3D graphics.

Falaha’s Journey Into Pleasure takes place several years after the war, and Falaha is now grown and ready to experience more of what life has to offer than violence and fighting. Falaha finds love, acceptance and a sense of family as she finds a deep and true relationship with Eyuran as a couple, but their family is not finished growing. As unusual as it would seem to us mere humans, Falaha has found a second husband who is willing to share her with his father.
One more man will play into their family, a highly damaged, once imprisoned man who has built a mental prison within his own mind that he needs to be freed from. If one looks beyond the obvious, which would be the sexual encounters, one can see a theme, of acceptance and of learning to accept others.

Jeno Marz does take a unique approach to the universal need to be part of a unit, so if you are at all shy about in-your-face sex, with more than two people, this may be many red face moments. Get through that and one will find humorous moments, beak through moments and the building of a family unit based on sharing and caring, although sometimes a little more story could do the same thing!

I received this copy from Jeno Marz in exchange for my honest review.

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