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Girl Gone Greek by Rebecca Hall

Girl Gone Greek
by Rebecca Hall

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: June 12, 2015
Publisher: Rebecca Hall
ISBN-13: 9781512251883
Genre: Women's Fiction
Print Length: 188 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes& Noble

 Rachel, a free-spirited and single forty-something English teacher, has discovered there’s more to life than marriage, children and living up to family expectations. Girl Gone Greek is a novel about an Englishwoman’s experiences in rural Greece early in the millennium. Set against the breathtaking background of the Greek countryside and Athens, Rachel meets a colourful cast of eccentric characters, plants her feet deeply into the local soil and ultimately finds her true love – Greece.

 Girl Gone Greek by Rebecca Hall

Girl Gone GreekMeet Rachel, a brave and daring soul who sees life as an adventure, a place to try new things and dance to the beat of a different drummer. See Rachel take an English teacher’s position in Greece, a country that seems to be an amazing collage of history, color and colorful characters. Amaze at how Rachel learns to fall in love with Greece, check kisses, hugs, leers, spit and all! Cheer for Rachel when she realizes she doesn’t need to be like everyone else, she is fine just the way she is, but don’t take away her English Cuppa, please!

Sit back, relax, start with your feet and work on up, Rebecca Hall is the tour guide for Girl Gone Greek and you are about to enjoy a delightful read as we follow Rachel find where she fits in this crazy world we live in!

Rebecca Hall adds a taste of the cuisine, some quirky characters, some culture shock and a few tales of the rich history of Greece, sets the blender to whip and gives us a light and airy read that will leave you with a satisfied smile and a hankering to travel. Rachel has spent her life not quite fitting the mold some people (read that,” her older sister”) thin she should fit into. Rachel is a square peg, she will never fit into the round hole and it takes one huge leap of faith to discover that one person’s perception of heaven on earth isn’t necessarily hers! A quick read that flows from scene to scene flawlessly as we experience Greece through Rachel’s eyes and soon her heart. Ms. Hall has created a tale with a flare that makes her readers feel as if they, too, went on this adventure!

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