Thursday, January 14, 2016

Goldenfire by A.F.E. Smith (Darkhaven, #2)

by A.F.E. Smith

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Darkhaven - Book 2
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Publication Date: January 14, 2016
ISBN: 9780008103514
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Print Length: 400 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

In Darkhaven, peace doesn’t last long.

Ayla Nightshade has ruled Darkhaven for three years. With the help of Tomas Caraway, her Captain of the Helm, she has overcome her father's legacy to find new confidence in herself and her unusual shapeshifting abilities.

Yet three years ago, a discovery was made that could have profound consequences for the Nightshade line: a weapon exists that can harm even the powerful creatures they turn into. And now, that knowledge has fallen into the wrong hands.

An assassin is coming for Ayla, and will stop at nothing to see her dead.

Goldenfire by A.F.E. Smith (Darkhaven, #2)

Goldenfire (Darkhaven, #2)It has been a tough battle to finally gain the inner strength she needed to rule Darkhaven. Ayla Nightshade has had to overcome her own insecurities, the legacy her father left behind and to come to terms with her ability to shapeshift into a much feared protector. Now, almost the last Nightshade, it is up to her to see their bloodline lives on, but these are dangerous times and her life could be forfeit to her enemies. Does she have the allegiance of her armies to keep her safe and protect the kingdom? Even with her special guard, there are ways to slip past their forces and while she becomes a prisoner in her own castle, the hunt is on to find the hired assassin as shocking discoveries are made that will make the enemy almost invincible.

There now exists a weapon of death that has no mercy. The only way to fight fire with fire is to find a way to gain access to as many as possible and train her warriors in a way of battle that seems less than honorable. In a world where loyalty either comes from the heart or gold coins, it is possible a traitor is in the midst and one unlikely female steps forward to serve, protect and uncover the treachery

Meanwhile Alya struggles with her own doubts about those around her, can she even trust the one who claims to love her?

Goldenfire by A.F.E. Smith is a journey into a dark fantasy world where war is more common than peace, treachery more common than trust and safety is almost impossible. Follow Alya, her captain of the Helm and Naeve Sorrow as they race against time and treachery to save Darkhaven and the powers of the Darkhaven bloodline. With great care to detail, a truly “otherworldly” feel and characters too numerous to count, A.F.E. Smith’s tale comes to life with a heart that one can almost hear beating!

As in great fantasy, there are plots and subplots all woven together into an intricate tale of epic proportions as reality fades away. Immerse yourself in a wondrous world and realize that, even in fantasy, there are too many parallels to our reality.

I received an ARC edition from Harper Voyager in exchange for my honest review.

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